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Change Of Service Chiefs Was Not The Solution – Iwuanyanwu

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Elder statesman and chieftain of the PDP, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, has warned that Nigeria’s security problem has gone beyond changing heads the various security apparatus but rather a complete overhaul of the security architecture

Iwuanyanwu, who spoke to newsmen in Owerri on Sunday, yesterday, against the backdrop of the recent appointment of new service chiefs, pointed out that except government changes its tactics, it can never subdue Boko Haram and bandits increasingly terrorizing the country.

His words; ‘I want to take this opportunity to advise this government again, the war they are fighting, the way they are fighting that war, they cannot win.

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‘They have changed service chiefs, they are not going to do any miracle because this Boko Haram has infiltrated the communities, they convince them that they can provide their needs, some of the natives are with them.

‘What we completely require is to completely restructure the country, restructure the security, restructure the economy, restructure the governance, Nigeria should have federal police, State and local government police.

If they have this arrangement in the North East, they would have engaged these people when they came in. Their plan is to conquer the whole of Nigeria. What they did in Benue is clear evidence of what they can do. I think we should come together and solve our problem instead of blaming one another,’ Iwuanyanwu said.

He also condemned the northern governors blaming southeast governor and their leaders as problems behind insecurity in Nigeria.

‘Northern governors meeting and warning southeast governors and their leaders is not acceptable. The issue is that these people have put the country in a mess. Boko Haram is the problem we have today, I don’t know why they should blame southeast leaders. Taxpayers’ money has been expended to fight Boko Haram. These people have not only created problems in all parts of the country, they are now armed, carrying AK-47. They tell you is for their self defense. If that’s the case, then every Nigeria should carry it. Igbo has no problem, we have been very patient because of the experience we have had.”
The elder statesman has also condemned ransom being paid to Boko Haram kidnappers, saying if proper strategies were employed in combating the menace caused by the group, it would do a lot to save taxpayers money used by the government as ransom.

‘They have formed groups which kidnap people and school children and when they kidnap, government use taxpayers money to pay a ransom. Look at what happened in Niger State; they have been released. Who will say they did not pay the ransom? The ransom they paid is taxpayers money. I think the matter is serious and provocative and I don’t want them to offend the Igbo because we are the people suffering.’



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