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Shama Meldoy Releases New Single ‘Biakene’ With G-Don

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As the year wraps up with its last month and festivities begin to set in for the holidays, multiple award-winning highlife maestro Shama Melody has released a ‘spanking new’ holiday banger titled ‘Biakene’ a track on which he features fast rising Igbo artiste, G-Don.

Biakene which has been previously teased by Shama Melody is a much-awaited single which was billed to be released towards the end of the year.

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The single features a mix of bingo highlife which shama melody is known for and is better amplified with the sonorous voice of G-Don who takes the second verse of the song and part of the hook. The track was produced and licensed under Veemost Technologies and Productions, a high-profile American media organisation.

The sensational track which is in Igbo vernacular and English talks about a love interest who is encompassed in complete beauty and the gracefulness of a woman. He praises the lady and asks that she never leaves him because she brings life into his life.

Shama Melody is known for his wonderful delivery which is why he is very revered on the highlife, and indigenous music scene. Biakene is a song that is recommended for everyone seeking a bit of respite from the harshness of 2020. It can be played for whatever occasion or event.

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