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Youths Admonished Against ‘Mkpuru Mmili’ By Imo Group

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A group in Imo State under the aegis of the Mbaise Policy Round-Table (MPRT) has added their voice to the ongoing campaign against crystal methamphetamine, popularly known as ‘Mkpuru Mmili’ in the South East, warning that the dangers of the highly addictive drug are terrible.

The group made their position known in a statement made through one of the leaders of the group who is also a popular Nollywood actor and lawyer, Kanayo O Kanayo which was made available to the Eastern Updates on Wednesday, the group called on the youths of Mbaise and South-East generally to turn their backs against the deadly heavily abused substances.

Speaking to the Eastern Updates, Kanayo pointed out that ‘Mkpuru Mmili’ is a destiny destroyer which has rendered many able-bodied youths useless and sent many to their early graves.

He said; ‘We are appealing to our young men and women to flee from Mkpuru Mmili’, it often leads to several complications that are incurable, doctors and researchers are still trying to find their way around it. Please flee from it’.

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The Eastern Updates reports that ‘Mkpuru Mmili’ is a strong and highly addictive drug that affects the central nervous system. It is often consumed by youths to get ‘high’ and so far it has grown into a very ugly trend in the South East.

Kanayo also frowned at the belief held by some of the abusers of the harmful drug that the drug would make them stars and celebrities, he reiterated that such beliefs are false and unbelievable.

‘By the grace of God, I have made a mark in film making not just in Nigeria but all over the world, i didn’t become popular by taking ‘Mkpuru Mmili’ or any harmful substance, drugs can never make you a star or a respected person in the society, please disregard such claims. 

The group also called on the youths from Mbaise and Imo State generally to positively engage themselves so as to avoid the temptations of drug abuse.


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