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The Political Ballad Of Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu: ‘I Forgive You All’

Nigerians in high places enjoy celebrating the elevation or transition of shame to fame. They expect all of us to join. They call it political sagacity then their followers applaud.

One had thought that Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu would have been changed by his six-month imprisonment. But a correctional facility was not for him, as the courts have decided he was not guilty. He has returned more emboldened by the streams of visitors who find themselves praising his leadership. They missed him. They are glad to have him back to continue from wherever he stopped.

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Even his predecessor and former sworn foe, Dr. Theodore Ahamefula Orji visited him to liaise a bit with him. They had not been on talking terms for more than 13 years.

Details of the visit, apart from the pictures, were not public. The public joke was that with the allegations against Orji at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), he could have gone to Kalu to learn how to deal with those matters.

Trust Kalu to lap up the moments. He speaks magisterially about forgiving everyone, including the judge. We apparently offended him.

Were we the court that found him guilty of theft, money laundering to the tune of ₦7.56 billion? Was he not released on a “technical point”?

The Senate called off a day to visit Kalu in his Abuja residence. One could wave that aside. Senate President Ahmed Lawan was Kalu’s roommate in their days at the University of Maiduguri. Kalu has been a mentor of sorts to him. They have remained family friends.

Lawan led principal officers of the Senate to Kalu’s home on the night of Thursday 4 June 2020, a day after his release from Kuje. They were celebrating his return from prison. People were falling over themselves to identify with the former resident of Kuje.

Kalu has no sobriety over his actions that nearly ruined Abia state.

He is a Senator, a distinguished one at that being the Senate’s Chief Whip. Why would they not celebrate as one of their own has proven that the law is applicable to those who do not understand the workings of Nigeria?

There are even enough talks of him being the best presidential candidate for 2023

Kalu on Tuesday 16 June 2020 tried shading Justice Mohammed Idris who had put him away for 12 years. According to Kalu, Idris’ dad, Idris Legbo Kutigi, a former Chief Justice of Nigeria, who died in October 2018, at 79, was a regular visitor to the same Abuja residence, where Kalu regaled his guests with his importance.

A well-known character for his garrulity, Kalu did not spare a thought for the dead Kutigi who was no longer in a position to define his relationship with the former governor of Abia State. His remarkable performances have shifted to higher gears since Kuje.

The laughter should have belonged to a reception for an illustrious individual, an accomplished one who was marking the execution of another feat, not an illustrated one whose examples fit into the complications and disadvantages of Nigeria.

Praises are being heaped on Kalu for understanding Nigeria, its peoples, its politics.

Are they also applauding his ruination of Abia State and the despoliation of its resources?



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