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Sit-At-Home: CSOs Against Forceful Resolve On Residents

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The South Eastern residents of the country have endured tempestuous weeks owing to Simon Ekpa’s incessant sit-at-home orders which disrupted movement and commercial activities in the region.

The last two orders were enforced with minimal delay — a one-week of restriction, immediately followed by a two-week sit-at-home order.

Fearing for their safety, residents opted to comply with the Monday sit-at-home directive, despite its prior prohibition by the Enugu state government with Governor Peter Mbah at it’s helm.

In response to the perceived illegality of the orders, a large number of residents took to the streets, expressing their discontent while protesting.

The Enugu Network of Civil Society Organisations (ENSNet) has officially denounced the Enugu State Government’s use of force in its efforts to enforce the ban on the sit-at-home order, citing it as unacceptable and inappropriate.

Several business establishment were sealed off indefinitely by the government for noncompliance with the ban on the Sit-at-home order.

The group has criticized the State government’s approach, asserting that it deviates from best practices and undermines democratic norms.

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The network’s demands included the Government’s withdrawal of the order and the reopening of the affected shops, as it aligns with principles of justice, peace, integrity, and honor. They strongly denounced the use of ‘force’ and ‘intimidation’ to achieve compliance, stating that such an approach undermines democracy.

ENSNet’s position was officially communicated on Thursday through a statement co-signed by Comrades Osmond Ugwu, the Chairman, and Ugonna Ozor, the Secretary of the Network.

According to the organization, the action of sealing off shops owned by traders who made a voluntary decision not to operate on Mondays stands in direct opposition to democratic values.

Two fatalities were recorded at the protest ground as security operatives reportedly opened fire at unarmed protesters, which has sparked widespread criticism from the state’s populace.

ENSNet has appealed to the Government to swiftly locate the families of the protest victims and extend the necessary compensations following the loss of their loved ones.

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