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What’s Our Offense? – IPOB Queries Igbo Politicians

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In response to a purported plot to eradicate IPOB members in Ebonyi State, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has demanded an explanation from Igbo politicians, questioning what collective crime they have committed as a group.

Furthermore, IPOB also raised questions about the involvement of any of its members in any violent attacks within any community.

According to a statement released by the group’s spokesperson, Emma Powerful, IPOB issued a stern warning to Igbo politicians, urging them to refrain from involving themselves in any matters related to the group.

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In the same statement, IPOB noted that there would be severe consequences if any of its members were to lose their lives in Ebonyi State.

He said, ‘Let the new Governor of Ebonyi State, bear in mind that IPOB has no issue with him. But if you bring out your head, we will knock on it.’

‘IPOB and ESN have no problem with you, but your plan to arrest and kill innocent IPOB members will not go well with your government. IPOB and ESN are peaceful and protective of our land. They should be supported and protected, not destroyed.’

Continuing, Emma said: ‘Any Traditional Ruler who helps in the murder of any innocent and peaceful IPOB member has murdered his own sleep. Any Traditional Ruler who involves himself in the matter concerning IPOB will regret his actions,’ the statement partly reads.

They expressed dissatisfaction at the purported developments in Ebonyi State, and hope for a resolution that respects the rights of the members of the group.

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