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Enugu Leaders Petition Reps Over Recurring Assassinations

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The House of Representatives has been approached by spokespersons representing the Ndiaga, Umunenshi, and Umuchimengwu kindred families, hailed from Amechi Uwani Awkunanaw and Obeagu Awkunanaw community in Enugu South Local Government Area, Enugu State, seeking decisive action to bring an end to the recurring assassinations and mindless killings that continue to plague their communities.

The House of Representatives has been apprised of the situation through an official petition submitted by Hon. Chimaobi Sam, the dedicated representative of Enugu North & South Federal Constituency, laying out the pertinent concerns for urgent consideration.

The petition raises concerns about alleged police harassment and intimidation of the populace residing in the affected communities, purportedly orchestrated by certain suspects and their backers.

The suspects, who are said to be fugitives, are reportedly using ancillary measures to obstruct the progress of Zone 13 Zonal Criminal Investigation Department (ZCID) by filing frivolous and groundless petitions, apparently with the aim of diverting attention and hindering the investigation, seemingly to avoid facing legal consequences.

The petition reads in full, ‘The leaders of the communities affected have had cause to report to the Police Service Commission, some of these unwholesome activities of some police officers particularly of the Enugu State Police Command such as SP Chidiebere Ijomah, the Commander, Octopus Squad, Enugu State Police Command, who according g to him has made himself a willing tool in the hands of some of these questionable characters who want to perhaps exterminate us because of their ancestral lands aforementioned.’

‘As a last resort in our irrepressible quest to seek for justice, believing that that no criminal should be left off the hook or go unpunished, for any reason whatsoever.Mr. Speaker Sir, we most respectfully and most unfortunately bring to your notice, that there have been series of atrocities, criminal activities and other vices leading to the murder of several of our community members by a group of murderers and hirelings who are obviously being shielded or whose cases appear to have been swept under the carpet by the police for inexplicable reasons.’

‘In some cases where arrests are made, the real murderers are intentionally overlooked while some innocent members of our communities are hounded into custody and charged to court in a surreptitious effort to distract attention and circumvent the law.’

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‘As a background Sir, following series of earlier murders and the assassination of one Sunday Ngene of Obeagu Awkunanaw community sometime in December, 2022, the traditional ruler of the Obeagu Awkunanaw community, HRH Igwe Mike Nnukwu, (JP) had cause to author a petition to the Inspector General of Police, praying for the investigation and prosecution of those indicted and or suspected to have allegedly committed the murder.’

‘Upon approval of the said petition, the principal suspect, was arrested by the Zone 13 Zonal CID Ukpo. On interrogation, a can of worms was opened exposing the facts behind the assassination of the referenced Sunday Ngene, as well as further shocking revelations into other previous cases of assassination and criminalities in and around our communities dating back to 2015, and highlighting that they were principally orchestrated by several individuals working at the behest of certain other sponsors.’

‘Despite not getting full disclosure of the individuals and their sponsors, we are however in the know that the ZCID, Zone 13, Ukpo-Dunukofia, Anambra State have uncovered the identities of a great number of the individuals concerned and that some of the said suspects are said to be on the run.’

‘We can now surmise Sir, that the disclosures made by the said principal suspect showed that other cases of murder such as the murder of one Inspector Celestine Oriodovwe of Force CID Annex Enugu, who was investigating sundry allegations of attempted murder, illegal possession of firearms etc. against the same set of suspects, till he was kidnapped, killed and his vehicle set ablaze in Amechi Uwani community, was perpetrated by these same suspects and others still at large.’

‘Sir, from information available to us, we can also infer that the murder of one Kelvin Ebuka Ugwu of Obeagu community who was killed on 1st June, 2021; the assassinations of Kevin Ezeoha and Chidera Ogaba who were murdered sometime in January, 2022 whist attending a supposed APC Ward Meeting in Obeagu Awkunanaw.’

‘Nnaemeka Agbo, Nnamani Ikpa and Sunday Nnamani who were murdered at Isiagu, Amechi Uwani sometime in 2015, as well as other numerous attacks on many police check points within Enugu South LGA and Nkanu West LGA of Enugu State between the year 2020 and 2023, may be linked to these suspects.’

‘It is our greatest dismay Sir, that the police seem to have lost their sense of direction in handling these multiple capital offences as enumerated above, and that from all indications, it appears that some of the officers are now instead being deployed against innocent indigenes of both our communities obviously in response to our untiring efforts to wrestle our ancestral lands and heritage from land grabbers who, with the tacit support of former governor Ugwuanyi, have continued to lay siege on both our communities.’

‘How else can it be understood Sir, that shortly after a press conference by His Royal Highness, Igwe Mike Nnukwu, JP on the 2nd of May 2023, drawing the attention of the world to the unending brouhaha in our communities, he received a letter of invitation from the Police, requesting him to report to their office alongside other listed members of Obeagu Awkunanaw community in connection with the murder of the same Sunday Ngene, whose assailants and their identities have been brought to the notice of the police as stated above.’

‘Mr. Speaker Sir, we hereby humbly pray you to Interface with all persons of interest especially with the prime suspect in the murder cases as well as with the investigating police officers from Zone 13, Zonal Headquarters of the Nigeria Police Force with a view to unmasking the underlying conspiracy.Direct and facilitate the conclusion of investigation of all the murder cases listed above.’

‘Moreso, of the check point assassinations of on-duty security personnel within Enugu metropolis.Encourage expedited action and/or resolution, by the Police Service Commission, of all of the numerous petitions against the activities of SP Chidiebere Ijiomah dating back to 2020 and other police formations as a deterrent to other recalcitrant Police Officers as well as the more recent appeal for the overhaul of the Enugu State Police Command for effective policing.’

‘Facilitate complete cessation of the proliferation of unending investigations on the 1097 hectares of land in our communities, under whatever guise and form, by the Nigeria Police Force, principally since the concluded investigations by the Zone 9 Headquarters, Umuahia and by the Force Intelligence Bureau, Abuja of the Nigeria Police Force reached similar conclusions and moreso as it is the subject of several suits pending before the court of law.’

‘Distinguished Speaker Sir, we are convinced that given your constitutionally guaranteed oversight functions, you have the capacity to intervene and call the police to order, to act professionally within the ambits of the law, or be held liable for the consequences of their actions or inactions and are therefore requesting you to come to our aid, speedily, in the interest of justice.

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