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Prepare For Us, Gunmen Issues Threat To Uzodimma’s Kinsmen

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Palpable fear has gripped inhabitants of Omuma community, the country home of governor Hope Uzodimma, following a last Saturday morning attack by gunmen suspected to be members of the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

Security experts have pointed to the 9 am attack on Governor Hope Uzodinma’s home last Saturday as a reprisal by members of the ESN following the killing of the Imo State Unit Commander of the ESN, Ikonso Don.

Ikonso was killed around 4 am Saturday morning by a joint force of Soldiers, Police, and DSS.

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However, residents of the community are now fleeing their homes for the neighboring communities of Amiri and Awo- Omama to escape from attack, following the rumor making the round in Governor Uzodimma’s country home that the gunmen had purportedly left a message for the community to prepare for their return.

Consequently, the major roads in Omuma are deserted, the popular Orie Omuma market is deserted with most neighborhood shops remaining shut down since the attack last Saturday.

Also, the arrival of soldiers and other security agents has not quelled the palpable fear of the people of the community as they are not convinced that the presence of the soldiers would be of any benefit to the people except to extort members of the community.

A kinsman of the Governor who spoke on the condition of anonymity told our correspondent that, ‘When I heard the report of heavy gunfire during the attack on the Governor’s home, I ducked into a corner and stayed there for the length of time the gunmen operated within the governor’s premises. When things calmed down and I assumed the gunmen had left, I came out and was walking home with some kinsmen when we were suddenly surrounded by armed men.

‘They took all our mobile phones and told us that the attack on the Governor’s home, was just the beginning, that they will be back’.

Edwin, who is also a native told our correspondent that he had already made arrangements and sent his family out of Omuma since their community has been turned to a battlefield.

‘It will be foolishness for anyone to keep his family here while awaiting another attack’, he said.



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