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Mbah Launches Fresh Round Of Relief Packages

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Enugu State Governor, Dr. Peter Mbah, launched a new phase of palliative distribution on Thursday, emphasizing the need to shield the exercise from political manipulation. 

This move aims to guarantee that the aid reaches the most vulnerable and independent individuals across the state, without prejudice or favor.

Governor Mbah emphasized that the palliatives are merely a temporary solution to mitigate the economic challenges facing the state. He acknowledged that the federal government and the state are working together to alleviate the suffering of citizens, while the long-term benefits of the state’s economic policies and programs take shape.

After conducting a personal inspection of the food supplies, which consisted mainly of grains, Governor Mbah initiated the distribution process, assuring citizens that the palliatives would be disseminated in a prompt and organized manner.

He said: “We have done this before. So, it is an ongoing thing, as we will continue to intervene because we understand the economic challenges and hardship that our people face currently.

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“However, what we are witnessing here today is our short-term measure, what we refer to as a quick-fix towards our promise to eradicate poverty and ensure zero hunger in our state. We have robust programmes in place, which will ultimately ensure that we eradicate poverty and kiss it goodbye in Enugu State.

“We have instituted several programmes in place to eradicate poverty. Our community and social development programmes, our state’s small and medium enterprise programme, and our women programmes, among others, were designed to ensure that we empower our people economically. As the Chinese people would say, it is better to teach a man how to fish than to give him fish everyday.

“So, our plan is ultimately for our people to be able to generate wealth, generate employment, and create wealth for themselves.The ultimate thing is for our people to be able to create wealth, whether in the agricultural sector, the business sector or those that are providing services. We are poised to upskill them. And very soon, you will see and also feel the impact of these programmes.

“For those that are in the agricultural sector, we are going to upskill them so they can increase their production. For those in business and the SMEs, we have intervened in those areas by providing funds.

“But while we do those, we are not unmindful that our people must eat the next day, and that is why programmes like this are important and will continue.

“So, what we are witnessing today is a collective effort by the federal government and state government to ensure that we get to the last man.”

Meanwhile, Governor Mbah has directed the state’s committee in charge of palliatives distribution to ensure that the items get to the poor in every nook and cranny of the state.

“We want the palliatives to get to the indigent and the vulnerable people among us. We want it to get across all the 260 wards in the state. Do not politicise it. We have to make sure that it gets to the people in dire need of it,” he stressed.

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