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Abduction: Nigerian Security Officials Target IPOB Members

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In a form of retaliation against their recent outbursts, officials of the combined Nigerian Security have taken to the abduction and torturing of members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and some of their relatives and family. The Eastern Updates can also report that this operation is taking place under the direct order of the Ebonyi State Government.

The Ebonyi State Government had reportedly given out strict directives to the members of the Nigerian Security forces to use different brutal strategies against the members of the IPOB and their families. Some areas like Onitsha-Igboeze, Ezeaaa, Ohazara, Ohaukwu and Izzi have been declared as hot-zones for this as the Nigerian Security Agencies and the personnel of the newly formed “EBUBEAGU” Security Outfit, by the Southeast Governors. are seen patrolling around the aforementioned locations on Sienna vehicles, motorcycles and other unidentifiable cars in their unsuspecting but desperate hunt for IPOB members.

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These Ebubeagu security operatives usually disguise themselves as mere civilians amidst people and once victims positively discuss issues relating to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, they will be immediately marked and abducted when the time is due. This is why members of the general public within the Southeast region and particularly, Ebonyi State have been cautioned to be mindful of their discussional topics in public places to avoid falling into their unsuspecting traps.


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