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Nigerian Community In Australia Saddened, Over Madubuko’s Kidnap

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The Nigerian Community in Australia has expressed disappointment and sadness over the continued disappearance of the immediate past Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, Indigenous Artworks, Culture and Tourism in Anambra state, Dr. Christian Madubuko few weeks after he resigned his appointment with the state government.

Madubuko who was allegedly kidnapped in the state on January 13, by unknown gunmen had alleged corruption in the system, sabotage against the administration of Governor Willie Obiano, and urged the governor “to take charge of his administration,” just as he raised alarm over threats to his life.

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However, more than two weeks after his abduction no contact has been established with the abductors and nobody, not even the government was, according to the family showing interest in the matter.

Speaking to newsmen yesterday from their Australian base, leaders and representatives of the Igbo community and Nigerian Association in Australia frowned at the way the issue of the disappearance of Madubuko who was one of them before he was invited to serve in Anambra state, was being handled and described it as a national embarrassment.

The President, Nigeria Association in Australia, Uche Okorie said, ‘The interest we have in this matter is not just that Christian was one of us before he answered the call to service in Anambra state, it goes beyond that, it is also because we as a Diaspora body we are worried. We are worried that a Commissioner who served his state diligently up to three years holding various portfolios and having resigned towards the end of December last year, just two weeks ago, would be missing two weeks after he resigned in a state as progressive as Anambra state.

‘So it is worrisome that after two weeks we are not receiving the signal that there is any urgency to look for someone of the stature of Dr. Christian Madubuko. I mean, even if he was not a former Commissioner and just a Nigerian citizen that got missing, the government at every level is supposed to be concerned. We are here in Diaspora and we read stories about the government saying that they want the Diaspora to contribute more, then how do you think we’ll feel when we hear stories like this, that somebody that was with us here that we sort of like borrowed more or less, let me use that word, to Nigeria to serve his fatherland will get missing so unceremoniously and there are no consequences whatsoever.

“On that level we think it is not something that is acceptable and that is why we are joining our voice to that of Mrs. Madubuko and saying, this is not only a human right issue, it is also one of national embarrassment. We are not comfortable with that and we appeal to government at all levels in Nigeria and all security agencies that they should restore our pride in Nigeria and make sure that Dr. Christian Madubuko is found hale and hearty.’

Also speaking, the leader of Igbo Community, Australia, Dr Uche Menakaya said, “You’ve heard what Mrs. Madubuko said, I wish you would have seen her she is crying here as we are speaking with you now and this is what has been going on for the last two weeks we got to know that Dr. Madubuko has been missing. What I can add is that we know that the key goals of the Diaspora Commission set up by President Buhari is to harness the expertise overseas to improve Nigeria. And Dr, Madubuko coming to Anambra state to serve is the first time ever a Nigerian has been asked to come from Australia to work into such a position.

You can now imagine our sadness and disappointment that after serving so well, this is the reward he gets, to miss and disappear and nobody will know where he is. I think that it goes beyond Dr. Madubuko himself, it transcends the whole of Nigerians in Diaspora because when these things come out how can you then ask another individual who is highly qualified and working overseas to come down to Nigeria and contribute. Where is your moral currency to make that request of them, when they can point to Dr. Madubuko’s experience as what they can hold unto and prefer not to contribute to the development of Nigeria?

‘Our plea is that you people in Nigeria should use your voice and pen to let the whole country know, to put pressure not only on Anambra state government but to bring the federal government to bring all the powers to bear to find this individual.’ He lameneted.



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