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APC Can’t Win Without Manipulating Polls, Lukman Alleges

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Salihu LukmanSalihu Lukman, a prominent political strategist, has abandoned the All Progressives Congress (APC), claiming the party has become electoral liabilities and can only win through undemocratic means. Lukman, a former National Vice Chairman, says the APC’s fortunes have dwindled.

Lukman took a bold step yesterday, penning a letter to key figures within the APC, seeking to clarify his position on the party’s turmoil and the broader political climate in the country.

He said: “First, it is a shared concern of most leaders of the party that the situation in the country has deteriorated in the last year since the assumption of office of President Bola Tinubu.

“Given a reality that the party structures have been demobilized and the government is implementing policies that have eroded the value of incomes of citizens, conditions of living are rapidly getting worse by the day. With that, both the APC and the governments it controls are getting more and more unpopular.

“It doesn’t require any investigation, at this rate, there is no way we can win election except through rigging. The popular saying in the country now is that President Tinubu is a one-term President. The hard truth is that the country will be lucky to get to 2027, without witnessing upheavals,” he stated.

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Lukman stressed that Nigerians must learn from their experiences with the Buhari and Tinubu administrations, prioritizing the development of a strong party machine that can rein in the President and all elected officials, ensuring they remain answerable to the party’s governing bodies.

“Given all this, it is not possible to remain in APC, if at all President Tinubu will allow internal reform in the party to return it to its founding vision, which as it is, is very remote. But my reality now in the party is that my membership has been rendered useless and there is no need for me to continue to impose myself.

“I have, therefore, gone back to the trenches and will try to work with all committed Nigerians, who agree and subscribe to the goal of actively campaigning for the survival and development of democracy in Nigeria. We must grow our democracy to the point whereby elected representatives at all levels are accountable to the party and it is possible for Nigerians represented by various interests to develop strong relationships with political parties and elected governments based on which policies of governments can be made to reflect wider interests of Nigerians.

“Although I pray that God Almighty will touch the heart of President Tinubu to make him recover whatever is left of his democratic credentials, I have lost hope that after one year of planless leadership, not much can be achieved during his tenure.

“It, therefore, behoves on all patriots, democrats and progressives in the country to take up the responsibility of organising and mobilising Nigerians towards rescuing Nigerian democracy. As it is, APC and the government of President Tinubu have been lost to the whirlwind. Just like we campaigned against military rule and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, we must rise to the task of campaigning against the President Asiwaju whirlwind,” he stated.

As democracy faces an existential threat, Lukman implores Nigeria’s progressive forces to unite and mobilize the masses against the APC’s suffocating grip on power and President Tinubu’s administration, echoing the historic struggles against dictatorship and PDP rule that shaped the nation’s political architecture.

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