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Police Headquarters In Ebonyi Ambushed By Gunmen

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In a brazen act of violence, unknown assailants launched a ferocious attack on the Ohaukwu Police Division in Ezzamgbo, Ebonyi State, on Tuesday, setting vehicles ablaze and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.


Despite being outnumbered, the courageous policemen held their ground, fighting off the gunmen and ensuring that no harm came to themselves or others.


A busload of eight heavily armed men descended upon the area, firing their weapons recklessly and sowing pandemonium in their wake, according to sources familiar with the incident.


As the gunmen unleashed chaos, they also brought to an abrupt halt a humanitarian effort spearheaded by Ohaukwu LGA Chairman Ikechukwu Odono, who was distributing essential items at the Council Headquarters adjacent to the police station.


As the source recounted, everyone in the vicinity, including the Council chairman, scrambled to get away from the danger zone to avoid getting hurt.


“Everyone, including the chairman of the Council, ran for their lives to avoid injuries from the gunshots,” the source said.


The Council chairman, Odono, personally confirmed the attack in a conversation with our reporter, providing valuable context and clarity.

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Fortunately, no lives were claimed in the assault, but the attackers left a trail of destruction, torching several vehicles within the police station’s premises.


The chairman explained that the assault on the police station had a knock-on effect, forcing the abrupt suspension of the palliative distribution exercise at the council headquarters, as chaos and fear gripped the crowd.


Despite repeated efforts, Ukandu Joshua, the police spokesperson, remained incommunicado, refusing to comment on the incident or respond to our reporter’s inquiries.

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