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Investigation Into Malicious Damage At 2nd Ongoing

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The Anambra State Police Command has begun investigating reports of vandalism on the Second Niger Bridge, a critical infrastructure connecting Asaba and Onitsha, to unravel the circumstances surrounding the incident.

In a brief but informative chat with journalists on Tuesday in Onitsha, Police PRO Tochukwu Ikenga shared crucial updates on the ongoing investigation.

When asked about the reported vandalism, Ikenga remained cautious, stating that he was still awaiting official confirmation before commenting further.

He said, “I have not confirmed the incident, but we have escalated it to the Divisional Police Officer to get the necessary information.’’

When questioned about the round-the-clock surveillance operation launched last August by a joint police task force from Anambra and Delta states, Ikenga assured us that the initiative remains active and ongoing.

He, however, said that he had yet to confirm if the video was a recent development or not.

A widely shared video has brought to light a shocking incident, where a man recounts how suspected vandals stripped the second Niger Bridge of its rail fittings, leaving the structure vulnerable.

Contacted on the development, Uche Orji, the Chief Press Secretary to the Minister of Works, David Umahi, simply said that security action had been taken and he was not ready to disclose further information.

Also speaking, Anambra Commissioner for Information, Paul Nwosu, said that the news of alleged vandalism on the 2nd Niger Bridge had been brought to the attention of the Highway Department of the Federal Ministry of Works.

According to him, it is not to say that the state government is not concerned about the theft of the iron.

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Mr Nwosu stated, “Police are aware of the theft; before now there has been an indication of nefarious human beings looking to make away with those things. There has been a patrol of policemen along the bridge, you know these people; you won’t know where they are hiding to know if patrol has passed before they attack. One thing about criminals is that they are also members of our society.

“They know where you have security presence and where you don’t; immediately they noticed a kind of movement, they come out to do what they want to do. It’s not as if the security agencies are not on the alert, but just when it appears that they have moved to oversight in a different place, these thieves will strike. You know people who gather condemned iron, but this one is not a condemned iron. This one is not a disposed iron.

“These are irons that are actively in use, to make sure that people enjoyed the brand new road that the federal government put for us to enjoy, but security agencies particularly the police have been on patrol in that area.’

According to the commissioner, authorities have been aware for some time that the bridge has been a hotspot for criminal activity, with thieves repeatedly targeting the structure.

In a move to bolster security and prevent future breaches, the commissioner has deployed a specialized mobile police unit to the bridge, tasked with maintaining a high-visibility presence and rapid response capability.

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