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Islamic Faithfuls Back Obi, Deem Him Presidential Material

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The Muslim community in Anambra has pledged its support to Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s candidate in the 2023 presidential race, highlighting his inclusive approach towards all faiths in Nigeria as a key factor that could lead to his eventual presidency.

Alhaji Gidado Siddiki, the South East Zonal Chairman of Miyetti Allah, expressed admiration for Mr. Obi at Awka’s Central Mosque, commending his steadfast backing and frequent interactions with the community. Siddiki reminisced about Obi’s past engagements, highlighting his fair treatment, active involvement in Ramadan observances, funding of pilgrimages, and contributions to mosque refurbishments during his tenure as Anambra State Governor. Siddiki expressed genuine appreciation for Mr. Obi’s continued support, extending beyond his governorship.

Mr. Obi engaged with them on both Saturday and Tuesday during his visits to the mosques in Onitsha and Awka, where he participated in breaking the Ramadan fast with the local communities. On these occasions, he distributed bags of rice and made financial donations to assist them during this sacred period.

He remarked on Mr. Obi’s egalitarian approach, highlighting his consistent participation in breaking the fast alongside the community members.

He added: ‘You are a lover of everybody and we pray All Mighty Allah that by His will, one day you will will be our President’.

Likewise, Alhaji Garba Sarki, the head of the Muslim Community in Awka, emphasized that Mr. Obi’s visits to Muslim communities in both Onitsha and Awka were not unexpected, citing them as a reflection of Mr. Obi’s character and his unwavering dedication to connecting with various segments of society.

He stressed the importance of Obi’s inclusive strategies and steadfast dedication to reaching out to individuals from various walks of life, epitomizing the crucial leadership traits essential for rejuvenating Nigeria.

Sarki stated that Nigeria stands poised for transformation under Obi’s potential presidency, citing his belief in Obi’s capacity to drive positive change and foster national advancement.

He informed the community that Obi has followed through on his promise of N1.5 million Naira for mosque maintenance, guaranteeing that the funds have been promptly wired to the appropriate accounts.

Musa Bello Sheleng, the Sardauna of Awka kingdom, lauded Obi in his testimonial, expressing deep-seated admiration and gratitude for facilitating his pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia through sponsorship. Sheleng commended Obi’s generosity and assistance, underscoring its profound influence on the community.

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Obi emphasized the urgent need for national unity in his speech, stressing the importance of all Nigerians, irrespective of tribal or religious backgrounds, coming together to champion effective governance.

He elaborated on the detrimental impact of poor governance, emphasizing that its repercussions extend to every citizen, regardless of their background.

Obi emphasized that in the sphere of governance, there is no preferential treatment based on tribe or religion, as everyone is equally affected by the consequences of inadequate leadership. He urged Nigerians to transcend divisive barriers and collectively demand accountability, transparency, and excellence in leadership to ensure the prosperity and well-being of the nation.

Obi urged the Muslim community to embrace the sacred period of Ramadan, urging them to earnestly beseech for Nigeria and its leadership. He called for celestial assistance, urging for enlightenment and inspiration to steer governance towards the betterment of all citizens. Obi underscored the necessity of harnessing the distinctive strengths of each region, highlighting the importance of fair allocation and widespread prosperity.

He encouraged Muslims to embrace their responsibility as catalysts for constructive transformation, promoting kindness, understanding, and solidarity to cultivate a promising tomorrow for all Nigerians.

He said that all the criminalities in every part of Nigeria will stop ‘if we start pulling people out’.

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