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Gov Mbah Hails Enugu Speaker, Praises Government Harmony

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Enugu State Governor, Peter Mbah, commended the outstanding attributes of Speaker Rt. Hon. Uche Ugwu, noting his exceptional legislative acumen and effective leadership style, which have garnered widespread admiration among his constituents and the state populace throughout his stewardship of the 8th Assembly.

The governor also praised the harmonious rapport between the executive and legislative branches of government in the state, emphasizing how this collaboration has resulted in tangible advancements and progress, ultimately benefiting the populace through the delivery of democratic dividends and fostering growth and development.

Governor Mbah, represented by Deputy Governor Barrister Ifeanyi Ossai, delivered the statement yesterday during a ceremony commemorating the thanksgiving mass and civic reception in honor of the Speaker by the constituents of Okpatu, Udi North State Constituency, situated in the Udi local government area of the state.

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‘I want to inform the people of Okpatu and Udi in general that the Enugu State Government and the House of Assembly have a robust symbiotic relationship. In the history of parliamentary relationships, I think this is about the most robust and smooth. There is no executive bill we sent to the House of Assembly that did not pass after rigorous scrutiny and debate, nor did they not pass it in record time. I am using this opportunity from a grateful government to thank the House of Assembly and particularly the Speaker that is providing the leadership. We need that stability for us to keep on in our job of fulfilling the promises we made to you. So, we are grateful to the speaker and all the members of the House,’ the governor noted.

Expressing gratitude to the people of Udi for their tremendous support during the election campaign, the governor elaborated on the administration’s substantial infrastructure initiatives, heralding a new era of development throughout the state. He emphasized that the recent progress witnessed by the populace was merely a glimpse of the transformative projects yet to unfold.

‘I want to tell you that in Enugu State, we’re witnessing a revolution in development that we have never seen before and I can attest to this fact that it has started. What you are seeing now is just a snippet of what will happen. This is just a conflagration and it’s going to expand. Our elasticity of will to do the people’s work is limitless and we have the courage and the unstoppable energy to keep to the assignment you gave us to do. And I am making a firm commitment on behalf of our Governor and the government he leads that we will not let Enugu State down,’ he further reassured.

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