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Set ’84 Alumni Renovates Chinua Achebe’s Alma Mater

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The set of 1984 graduates from Government College, Umuahia, Legendary Chinua Achebe’s Elma mat, has pledged to fund the renovation works independently, thereby relieving the Abia State government of the responsibility,  the Eastern Updates has learned.

GCU, Government College Umuahia, holds a prominent status as one of Nigeria’s leading secondary education institutions and was once under consideration, alongside Government College Ibadan, to be the nation’s first University College.

The distinction was ultimately awarded to Ibadan based on the availability of land space. Throughout the years, GCU has experienced hardships, resulting in the dilapidation of many of its infrastructures.

When addressing the school’s rebuilding plans, Mr. Nkem Egbuta, the National Secretary of the association, along with some old boys’ members, made a commitment to oversee the project independently, thereby taking it out of the hands of the Abia State government.

This disclosure was made in a news release that was distributed across major news platforms.

In commemoration of their 40th anniversary, the Old Boys Association, during their reunion last weekend, laid out plans for the school’s facelift.

Egbuta, who is also the Class Captain, said that the school had dilapidated over the years before the Old Boys decided to take over and fight to get it restored, and according to him, “A school that has produced such great men should not be allowed to die and that is why we decided to take over completely.

“We have begun from the scratch again, trying to restore those values that made Umuahia so prominent and by the Grace of God, we are on the path to achieving that,” he said.

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The ’83 Class Secretary, Mr. Pius Harbor, conveyed the shared concern of the Old Boys Association worldwide regarding the substantial dilapidation and highlighted the decision to engage the government constructively.

GCU, led by Principal AB Cozens, played a pivotal role in nurturing legendary figures in Nigeria, such as Chinua Achebe, Chukwemeka Ike, Ken Saro Wiwa, Gabriel Okara, Ben Enwonwu, and Supreme Court Justice Tony Aniagolu.

Mr. Egbuta highlighted that distinguished former governors such as Okwesilieze Nwodo, Achike Udenwa, Orji Uzor-Kalu, numerous senators, and notable individuals are alumni of the school.

GCU, in addition to being considered for University College alongside Government College Ibadan, which eventually became the University of Ibadan.

In addition to serving as the Principal, Cozens, along with Richard Henry Stone, authored the renowned ‘New Tropical Biology,’ a indispensable resource for secondary and post-secondary schools for many decades.

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