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Lawyers Speak Out Against South East’s Economic Woes

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A consortium of legal professionals represented by Otu Oka Iwu Nigeria expressed deep concern over the deteriorating economic and business activities in the South East, attributing these issues to the prevailing insecurity in the region.

In a time-sensitive call to action, the group has implored both Federal and State Governments to address the security challenges in the South East, emphasizing their negative effects on economic and business activities due to the restricted movement of people into the region.

The Group called on the Federal and States Government to as a matter of urgency tackle the insecurity in the South East as it has crippled economic and business activities by restraining the movement of people to the region.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos, the President, Otu Oka Iwu Nigeria , Mazi Okechukwu Unegbu, a former Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria , CIBN and lawyer said : ‘We are a group that believe in the unity of this great country Nigeria. We have no other country to call our own. So for that reason, we call on the Federal and State Governments to quickly address the issue of insecurity in the South East as this has contributed to the fall in all economic and business activities as people cannot move freely. This is a very sore issue concerning the entire country as nowhere is safe today.’

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Corroborating, the 1st Vice President, Otu Oka Iwu Nigeria, Nkiru Chris-Asoluka , said: ‘Igboland has been turned into a killing field where no person old or young is safe. It is the responsibility of the government both at the center and the regions to secure the life and property of the inhabitants but from what happens in Igboland today we are subjected to extra judicial killings resulting in people not going out to do their lawful businesses. The “sit at home” conundrum in Igboland on Mondays is now a norm and people believe that if you go out on Mondays you are on your own as there is no guarantee of your returning home safe. We appear to have been abandoned by the government that campaigned we should elect them to protect us. We are using this medium to call on the government to come to our aid in Igboland.’

On the issue of the economy in Igboland, Unegbu said : ‘We observe with pains in our hearths the wanton destruction of Igboland economy. The Igboland before now was bubbling with activities from Onitsha-Nnewi axis through Aba- Orlu axis. Today the story is in the past and this has given rise to a comatose economy without direction and no substance. We must all do something to bring back those days of old where the young challenge nature to a wrestling contest for ideas where the young in our communities will surely come out victorious. We should go back to the drawing board and discover where we got it wrong before it is too late.’

While commenting on the education deficit in the region, he said: ‘The Igboland was a known place for educational activities. Today the children in Igboland appear to have lost interest in education which is signaling a dangerous trend. There was a time it was like a competition as to which of the states will take the first position in the WAEC ranking of states after the examinations. Today what we hear is that our children are showing negative trends to pursue education or they are interested in getting through fraudulent activities. We call on the governments in Igboland to take action to reverse this unwholesome method before things get worse.’

While speaking about investment in the land, he noted that: ‘ ‘The Aku Ruo Ulo’ cry is the Igboland to feel the impact of businesses returning to Igboland. This trend has suffered a setback because our sons and daughters appear to believe that investing outside Igboland is the way to go. It should be made known to every Igbo person that successful businesses attract a very high level of envy and jealousy that has in the past led to killings of successful businesses. We should be encouraged to look homewards because there is no place like home.’

‘Even in agriculture, the production has reduced. This is an area that has been neglected in Igboland. Before now the Igbo were into various farms that yielded food for the people and more for sale. It appears we have abandoned the farms such the hunger is staring us in the face. We should go back to our farms in order to feed our growing population.’

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