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“Enough Of The Smear Campaign,” Soludo Warns Opposition

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The Governor of Anambra State, Prof Chukwuma Soludo has lampooned the increasing actions by opposition elements in Anambra State, which he observed has been characterized by what he described as unscrupulous political desperation.

He also opposed the use of toxic propaganda such as sponsored false narratives, fake news, and staged videos, stating that it is no longer acceptable.

A statement by Governor Soludo’s Press Secretary, Christian Aburime which was obtained by The Eastern Updates described the narrative as patently subversive and worthy of unequivocal condemnation.

The statement read in part, “These tactics, aimed solely at scoring cheap political points against the incumbent government, only undermine the integrity of our democratic development and erode public order.

“Must the political desperados pull down the house on Ndi Anambra just to grab power? Are they really after selfless service to Anambra State or are they just seeking avenues of self-aggrandizement by all means foul?

“The latter seems to be their motive and it is getting clearer by the day with every campaign of calumny the political felons unleash in the public space. Ndi Anambra must wise up to the gutter antics of these cowardly politicians and say enough is enough. Such behaviour of stoking unjustified anti-government propaganda not only distorts the truth but also sows disorder within our society.

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It is imperative that all political actors engage in honest and constructive discourse, prioritizing the well-being and unity of the state over personal or partisan gains.

“I liken the current dispensation of Anambra State, where the pursuit of progress and transformation is a shared aspiration of patriots, the relentless orchestrated attacks against Governor Charles Soludo are attaining reprehensible heights as well as despicable depths of political harassment which will no longer be tolerated.

*As the next gubernatorial election approaches, it is obvious that opposition politicians are envious of Governor Soludo’s impressive achievements, hence their resort to an onslaught of spurious write-ups and fabricated videos, seeking to mislead the public and tarnish the image of a man whose leadership has brought tangible benefits to the state.”

While describing Soludo’s administration as a beacon of transformative leadership, marked by innovative policies, infrastructural advancements, and a continuos commitment to the welfare of the people, Aburime observed that under the governor’s stewardship, Anambra State has witnessed significant improvements in various sectors, from security, education and healthcare to infrastructure, economic development, and many more.

He added, “His tenure is characterized by a clear vision for a prosperous Anambra, a vision that has translated into real, measurable progress

“Yet, in the face of these undeniable achievements, the opposition has chosen the path of deceit and manipulation. For instance, recently there have been baseless allegations circulating online, accusing Governor Soludo of establishing “secret
detention camps” where public offenders are allegedly tortured, and their fundamental rights are purportedly violated. This egregious lie is not only a smear against Governor Soludo’s integrity but also an insult to the intelligence of the people of Anambra State.

“Let it be unequivocally stated: Governor Soludo has never, and will never, engage in such reprehensible practices. The very notion of secret detention camps and torture is anathema to the principles of democracy, justice, and human rights that Governor Soludo upholds.

‘His administration operates with the highest regard for the rule of law, ensuring that all actions are transparent, accountable, and within the bounds of legality and human dignity. The proliferation of these fabrications is a calculated attempt by the opposition to distract from their lack of substantive policy proposals add achievements.

“Unable to match Governor Soludo’s record, they resort to creating and spreading malicious content in a bid to sway public opinion through scaremongering and misinformation. This tactic not only undermines the democratic process but also disrespects the collective intelligence and discernment of Anambra’s citizens.

“Moreover, these attacks are becoming more desperate and frequent as the election draws nearer, a clear indication of the opposition’s recognition of Governor Soludo’s widespread support and success.

“The dissemination of fake news, toxic propaganda, and staged videos is a strategy borne out of desperation, reflecting the opposition’s moral bankruptcy and disregard for civilised political engagement.

“The people of Anambra State must remain vigilant and discerning in the face of these unscrupulous tactics. It is imperative to scrutinise the sources and motives behind the information that circulates online.

“The faceless and nameless nature of these allegations, often signed by nebulous “Concerned” persons, should raise immediate red flags about their credibility. An informed electorate is the bedrock of a thriving democracy, and it is through informed decision-making that Anambra will continue on its path of progress under Governor Soludo’s leadership.

“Today, Governor Soludo’s administration is a demonstration of what can be achieved when visionary leadership meets a committed citizenry. The relentless campaign of vilification against him is a futile attempt to derail the state’s progress. The people of Anambra must stand firm, reject these baseless attacks, and continue to support a leadership that has consistently demonstrated its dedication to their welfare and development.

In unity and with a clear vision for the future, Anambra State will rise above the machinations of desperate politicians and continue to flourish.

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