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Imo Residents Riled As Erosion Claims Lives, Homes

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In a move that may bring relief to the residents of Ideato South and Ideato North local government areas of Imo State, the Senate has pressed the relevant Federal Government agencies into action, calling for urgent remedial interventions to combat the erosion issues in the locality.

The upper chamber of the National Assembly, NASS, recognising the grave existential threats posed by the rampant expansion of numerous gullies in every nook and cranny of the area, concluded that immediate action was necessary.

The Senate drew attention to the harsh outcomes of the total collapse of erosion sites, including the loss of human lives, destruction of property worth over N4 billion, and the grievous injuries suffered by numerous individuals.

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Imo State witnesses numerous gully erosion sites, but Ideato stands out as the most vulnerable region, grappling with more than 200 erosion sites within the federal constituency. The ecological issues have had a devastating impact, leaving the entire Ideato nation in a state of confusion.

With the rains growing more severe, the gullies are expanding at an alarming rate every day. These days, buildings collapse even in the absence of rain, comparable to landslides.

The people find themselves deeply frustrated, helpless, and discontented as they express their concerns regarding the government’s sluggish approach in managing the active erosion sites in the two council areas.

The Eastern Updates’ findings reveal that the monstrous menace has caused the destruction of no less than 30 residential homes and claimed the lives of over 15 people. The victims include Mr. Benedict Agughasi and Festa Agughasi, elderly siblings residing in the Obiohia community.

Among the worst-hit communities are Umuchima, Obiohia, Ogboko, Ugbelle, Amanator, Umueshi, Urualla, UmumaIsiaku, Obodoukwu, Isiokpo, Akpulu, Isiekeneisii, Umuobom, Akokwa, and Ntueke.

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