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Revenue Collection: Soludo Hosts 2nd Public Auction Bid

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As part of measures being put tother to ensure equal opportunity and transparency in revenue streams, Anambra State Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo on Tuesday hosted a second public bid auction for revenue agents.

The event which took place at Government House, Awka was described as flying revenue streams by the government.

The revenue streams that were up for public bid include; Statewide Gaming and Lotto Fee Collection, Statewide Public Toilet and Convenient Tolls, Statewide Abbatoir Fees, and Statewide Car Wash.

Commenting on the essence of the bid, Governor Soludo said;

‘In a situation whereby the winner of the bid can’t meet up with the payment, the next in line will be called upon.

‘After the first public bid, people called on the phone saying they are ready to pay two months in advance of what the winner was meant to pay.

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‘But we are transparent and following the rules. For these revenue streams, the 1st of November will be the effective commencement date.

‘Winners have from now to the 31st of this month (October) to pay. They will be given a letter with account information on how to pay and also another letter authorizing winners to start collecting revenue.

‘The payment structure is to pay one month in advance or get a bank guarantee so when the need for payment arises, the bank can pay on your behalf,’ he said.

The Chairman of AIRS, Mr. Richard Madiebo stressed that the public bid affords Ndi Anambra the chance to contribute their expertise in helping the state to increase its IGR.

‘In the first rule, there is an opening price for a revenue head, and you are given the opportunity for bidding. The highest bidder and 9 others will be selected.

‘Winners will be given a condition of payment and should they fail to meet up, it would be given to the next person’, he said.


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