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LP Chair Slams Umahi’s Inability To Deliver Ebonyi To APC

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Splendour Eze who is the Labour Party Chairman, in Ebonyi State, has reiterated his earlier statements that Governor David Umahi, who is also the Chairman of the Southeast Governors’ Forum, does not have a complete capacity, will-power and popularity to deliver the Ebonyi State’s votes let alone those of the entire South-East region, to the All Progressives Congress come 2023.

He also added that it was a worrisome spectacle that Governor Umahi, who had left the Peoples Democratic Party because of alleged injustice against the Igbo, had suddenly started fighting the Igbo he once claimed to stand for.

The LP chairman made these disclosures in an exclusive interview with Sunday PUNCH on Saturday, saying the Igbo were out to rewrite history, come 2023.

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“Coming to the issue of capacity of our dear governor to convince the entire South-East to vote for Tinubu, that is not possible. The entire South-East is for Labour Party and Peter Obi. Labour Party is a movement and His Excellency, Peter Obi is the answer.

“It’s very unfortunate that some people are still wallowing in political ignorance. Let me tell you, His Excellency Peter Obi is generally acceptable by Nigerians. He is the solution to Nigerian economic problem. He is the only hope for our youth.

He has promised to move Nigeria away from consumption to production. What this means is that with him as the president, there will be enough employment opportunities for our youth. We must all give him the support. His Excellency Peter Obi is the best presidential candidate we have come 2023.”

Reacting, the Publicity Secretary of the APC in Ebonyi State, Ogbuatu Simba, said Umahi remained the most vibrant and sought after politician in the South-East zone.

He said, “Forget Labour Party. The party is looking for cheap publicity and they can’t get it now. The governor has proven he remains the most sought after politician in the zone.

He staged a historical outing during his quest to become the president of the country, and the entire nation was aware of that and was marvelled.  Umahi has paid his dues and has 100 per cent capacity to deliver Ebonyi votes to the APC, in 2023.”

The Publicity Secretary of the PDP in Ebonyi State, Chika Nwoba, said Umahi had no constitutional right to order Ebonyi electorate on who to vote for, come 2023.

In a statement, Nwoba said, “Umahi is daydreaming and can’t force Ebonyi people against their will, come 2023.”


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