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2023: Ndigbo Are Incapable Of Producing A President – Oluwo

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Oba Abdurosheed Akanbi, the Oluwo of Iwoland, a traditional ruler in Osun State, has said that South Easterners would find it difficult to produce the president of Nigeria unless they are willing to allow other tribes to develop in their land.

He asked them to reconsider their attitude to Nigeria’s socioeconomic growth in order to define their political destiny.

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Citizens countrywide, according to a statement made Sunday by the monarch’s Press Secretary, Alli Ibrahim, authorized other tribes to own property and be conducive in their domains, with the exception of the South Easterners, who prohibited other people from holding land in their districts.

The king, who also criticized the sit-at-home order in the country’s south-east, said that “such self-inflicted punishment is not only inimical to their survival but also to the nation’s growth.”

He believed that a Nigerian should be entitled to own land anywhere in Nigeria.

“I have people from across Nigeria in Iwo including the South Easterners, they did not only have their businesses but also build their houses and own farm lands. Such is not only peculiar to Iwo but to other parts of the country except the south east. A Nigerian in Nigeria should be able to own land anywhere.”

“ The in house style by south easterners is barbaric. They go out their zone to establish businesses and even settled their family but refused to allow people within our country to have similar access to their land. Such is not only detrimental to their economic viability but also to their political recognition. As a traditional ruler, I can’t trust a south easterners as my president.”

“You can’t be a leader on sectional interest. With such unsophisticated, primitive and uncivilized thinking, no Nigerians from other zones will vote you as their president,” Oluwo remarked.


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