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Reason North Is Dragging Its Feet On Restructuring – Clark

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Elder statesman and National Leader of the Pan-Niger Delta Forum, Chief Edwin Clark, has spoken out on the need for Nigeria to revisit the restructuring debate.

In a recent interview, Clark emphasized the importance of reviewing the 2014 National Conference recommendations and called for restructuring to give more leverage to the South-East region.

Clark recalled that the 2014 National Conference brought together representatives from all regions of Nigeria, including current Senate President Godswill Akpabio.

The conference produced 600 recommendations, which were meant to be implemented administratively. However, Clark noted that former President Goodluck Jonathan did not act on these recommendations due to pressure from certain groups.

Addressing claims that the North was not supportive of restructuring, Clark disputed this notion. He stated that the North was not divided on the issue, though some suspected certain northern representatives of working with minority groups.

The elder statesman criticized northern governors for frequently visiting Abuja instead of focusing on developing their states. He argued that this behavior stems from a lack of commitment to their responsibilities and a misunderstanding of state autonomy as outlined in the 1999 Constitution.

He further dismissed the idea that northern politicians don’t understand the concept of restructuring. He suggested that some are pretending not to understand, while others are concerned about what restructuring would mean for them. Clark pointed out that even the military had engaged in restructuring through the creation of states over the years.

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On the ongoing political crisis in Rivers State, Clark attributed it to former Governor Nyesom Wike’s desire to maintain control over the state’s affairs. He described the strained relationship between Wike and his successor, Governor Siminalayi Fubara, as a power struggle that has become difficult for outsiders to mediate.

Clark also touched on his own role in the creation of Rivers State, highlighting his long-standing involvement in Nigerian politics and the state’s history.

Throughout the interview, Clark maintained that restructuring is crucial for Nigeria’s progress. He called on political leaders, especially those in the North, to prioritize national interests over personal gains and to seriously consider the benefits of restructuring for the country’s future.

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