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Anambra 2025: APC Elders Insist On Zoning As Non-Negotiable

With Anambra state‘s gubernatorial election approaching, a coalition of elder statesmen representing all 21 local government areas is intensifying its grassroots mobilization efforts. They said the zoning formula was a non-negotiable trail to follow.

They further noted that any breaches will be met with swift consequences. Chief Obi, the group’s spokesperson, confirmed that daily outreach efforts are underway to ensure a strong turnout.

The elders’ demeanor left no doubt that the zoning arrangement in favor of Anambra South was non-negotiable, a sentiment they stresses with solid conviction.

“We’re there, we’re working and we have cordial relationship with the state executive of the party.

“Whatever you do, you have to face court of public opinion. There was an agreement to the effect that this is the way things should be going in Anambra state.

“In Imo state all the political parties gathered together for what they, I think, called equity charter. The idea is if you take, I take. If you take all, you know what it means.

“For me, an agreement is an agreement whether written or not. There’s a system already at work in Anambra state. Anybody who denies that is not saying the truth. As elders, we should say it the way it is.

“An arrangement is on the ground. During the 2022 election, the party that pretended that zoning is nonsense suffered for it. They suffered because someone who contested under their platform did not come from where that post should go.

“Whatever decision our party comes up with, the elders must go with them because we’re under them.

“There’s an arrangement on the ground, if the party touches it, there’s nothing the elders can do. But our prayer is that the party will not tamper with the arrangements on the grounds. We believe that anybody who has taken his turn should shift.

“The elders will be pleased if the candidate comes from the South. If you ask me, the South has done four years and the South has four years extra, “he concluded.

One of the elders, Mr Okey Chukwuogo who also spoke said the zoning started with the former Governor of the state, Mr Peter Obi.

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He said that Obi presented the zoning arrangement to all the stakeholders in the state including the town unions and traditional rulers who he said endorsed the system.

He went on to say that if all these organizations had given their backing, it would be difficult for anyone to argue that Anambra was not entitled to its turn.

In other words, he was suggesting that while there was an understanding on sharing political power, it was not automatically granted, but rather had to be seized.

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