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Aba Carnage: Otti Says Credible Intelligence Are Emerging

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Governor Alex Otti announced that Abia State authorities have obtained trustworthy intel on the brutal slaying of five soldiers in Aba last May 30, this indicates a significant breakthrough in the investigation.

Yesterday, Governor Alex Otti paid a visit to the 144 Battalion Nigerian Army at Ngwa High School in Aba, where he engaged with the officers and soldiers, offering words of encouragement and insight into the latest developments in the investigation.

Sources close to the matter revealed that five military personnel met their untimely demise on May 30, falling victim to a brutal attack by unidentified gunmen at Aba’s Obikabia Junction.

Governor Alex Otti explained that the purpose of his visit was to personally address the troops and offer words of comfort following the tragic loss of five comrades at Obikabia Junction.

The governor revealed that the state’s intelligence gathering efforts have begun to yield fruitful results, and he assured that these efforts will be maintained to ensure a thorough investigation.

He said: “We have started getting very credible information, this intelligence gathering will continue, but I do not want it to dampen your morale.

“We have all been working together to secure this state in the last one year that I have been the Governor of the State, and I want to encourage you to continue your work; don’t get distracted.

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“I believe, from credible intelligence available to us, that this criminal act may have been executed by people who are opposed to the progress and the good things that are happening in Abia.

“So, we will get to the root of the matter, we will arrest everyone that is involved.”

Governor Otti revealed that he had personally met with the widows of the five fallen soldiers, assuring them of the government’s unwavering dedication to their well-being and pledging to provide their children with educational scholarships from now until they graduate from university.

The governor publicly acknowledged the Nigerian Army’s vital contributions to Abia’s security, reaffirming the government’s commitment to standing solidly behind the soldiers in their efforts to protect the state.

“I feel it is my responsibility as the Chief Security Officer of the state to speak to you, commiserate with you, and also ensure that your morale is boosted, that you don’t get discouraged and you don’t get distracted by this unfortunate incident.

“The state had already placed a bounty of N25 million on anybody who has information that will lead to the arrest and prosecution of people who were involved in this dastardly act, remotely or directly,” he said.

Governor Otti urged the military to conduct their probe with a keen sense of discernment, recognizing that some individuals taken into custody may be unwittingly entangled in the investigation.

According to Governor Otti, he received updates that most individuals detained by the Nigerian Army for questioning have been set free, with only a handful – about 10 – still undergoing further investigation.

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