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Soludo: Nigeria Enduring Struggles For A Brighter Future

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Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, the Governor of Anambra State, urges citizens to exhibit resilience in the face of ongoing economic adversity, asserting that this turbulent period is a crucial step towards the nation’s future prosperity.

Speaking during an interview on the Sunday Politics program on Channels Television, Soludo emphasized that Nigeria is undergoing a crucial phase essential for its eventual prosperity.

Reacting to the recent inflation rate spike to 31.70 percent in February, the ex-Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor drew an analogy, likening the nation’s economic state to a patient undergoing treatment and assured that recovery is imminent.

“You see, sometimes, I kind of feel we don’t get it. But whether there will be pains for any step you take or the other, it is going to be. It is inevitable.”

“But that is obviously what we need to pass through,” the governor said.

He further maintained that President Bola Tinubu inherited a very bad economy upon assumption of office in May 2023 and should be given time to put things right.

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“We must realise that things were really bad. We must get it clear that there is no easy way to get this patient who has multiple problems to become better.”

Also speaking on his two years in office as the Anambra State governor, Soludo outlined his achievements since 2022, adding that his government has created jobs for the masses.

Soludo who earlier celebrated two years in office with a thanksgiving service,

revealed that for the duration he has been in office, he has not received any salary from the government.

As I speak to you, I am not taking any salary, I am not paid any salary by Anambra State government. Even the First Lady of Anambra doesn’t have any official car, she still drives my personal vehicles,” he said.

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