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IPOB Rejects State Police, Adopts Regional Security

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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has kicked against the proposed creation of state police by the federal government, suggesting the establishment of a regional police.

The spokesperson of the group, Emma Powerful, in a statement argued that the state governors would mismanage the creation of the state police.

Describing the federal government’s proposal as an effort in futility, Powerful added that: “Nevertheless, IPOB supports the creation of Regional Police as against State Police.

He also alleged that the ruling party would capitalise on it to make the nation a one-party state.

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“An APC led federal government’s proposal to establish state police, which is a strategy to capture all states into one APC party.

“It is not meant to curtail insecurity and insurgency in the country. Nigerians should ‘shine their eyes.’ If Tinubu’s government is sincere to curtail insecurity and insurgency ravaging the country, they should establish regional police not state police.

“No state government can handle insecurity alone without the support of their neighbouring states. More so, creating state police will provide opportunity for pro-terrorist governors to provide a safe heaven for criminals and terrorists in their state.

“But a regional police command can forestall such a situation. Finally, many governors in Nigeria today are tyrants even without full authority over security forces. You can imagine what they will do if they have authority over corrupt security forces.

“The Federal Government of Nigeria and the National Assembly have the constitutional right to establish Regional Police Commands if they so wish. Since the constitution recognizes Six Regions in Nigeria, then such regions should be empowered by law to establish Police Commands.”

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