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Peace Committee Delivers Biafra Agitation Report To Soludo

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On Wednesday, Governor Charles Soludo of Anambra State received the conclusive report from the 15-member Truth, Justice, and Peace Committee.

Mr. Soludo established the committee in April 2022 with the aim of addressing the escalating cases of agitation, insecurity, and other challenges in both the state and the South-east region.

The committee was led by renowned human rights activist Chidi Odinkalu, with Bianca Ojukwu, the widow of the late Biafra leader Odumegwu Ojukwu, serving as the secretary.

Members of the committee included distinguished personalities from various states across the South-east region.

Following the receipt of the report at the Government House Awka on Wednesday, Mr. Soludo commended the Chairperson of the committee, Mr. Odinkalu, a professor, for his dedication and the “historic” nature of the report, according to a statement by the governor’s spokesperson, Christian Aburime.

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The governor promised to carry out swift action based on the committee’s recommendations, and hinted on plans to dissolve his cabinet into sub-committees in analysing and implementing the recommendations.

He emphasized that the report has the potential to serve as a national framework for addressing security challenges, while also expressing concern about the impact of crime and violence on young people.

Mr. Soludo urged for cooperation with federal government agencies, regional governments, security services including the State Vigilante Group, and local communities in combating crime.

The governor stated his intention to share the report with national security agencies and collaborate with neighboring states to tackle the cross-border nature of criminal activities.

He restated his commitment to attaining sustainable peace in the South-east and guaranteed residents of the region that he would meticulously examine every sentence in the report, ensuring the adoption of its recommendations for a more secure future.

Mr. Soludo emphasized the necessity of community engagement, which includes religious institutions, in addressing the challenges and described the approach as a “crusade” that demands collective effort.

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