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Ebonyi Residents Frustrated As Cooking Gas Prices Rise

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The persistent increase in the price of cooking gas, specifically Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), is sparking worry among residents in Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi.

As the prices of cooking gas continue to soar, reports indicate a notable trend where many households are opting for alternatives such as sawdust, firewood, and charcoal.

The latest findings from NAN reveal that the selling price for a kilogram of cooking gas in Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi, falls within the range of N1,250 to N1,300.

Business owners in Abakaliki, interviewed separately on Thursday, shared that their ventures witnessed growth amid the surge in cooking gas prices, particularly between January and February. Mrs. Vivian Chukwu, a charcoal seller at Kpirikpiri market, highlighted an increase in the price of a sack of charcoal from N6,000 in December 2023 to N7,500.

“We are witnessing continued patronage by the day. We have measurements ranging from N300, N400, N500 to N1,000 and we also sell in quantity.

“Yes, our prices have changed; it was relatively cheap in December, but now the cost is no more same due to high patronage caused by the high cost of cooking gas.

“Well, I do not think if I can venture into another business. This is a very profitable business and people don’t know about it,’ she said.

On cost of LPG, Chukwu decried the ugly trend and noted that it was biting on every home.

“I urge the government to intervene. The suffering is becoming too much on everyone and salary still the same.

“It is very unfair increasing cooking gas when we are still battling to cope with the hardship caused by the removal of the fuel subsidy,” she stated.

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Mrs Chinwe Okoro, a caterer told NAN that she had resorted to the use of charcoal for her cooking.

Okoro said it had been difficult keeping up with the steady increase in the price of the cooking gas.

“Charcoal is cheaper and it has helped me in my business. I am no more spending my money on gas,” she stressed.

Okoro pressed upon the federal government the importance of formulating comprehensive plans and a policy framework to guarantee the affordability of gas for the average individual.

Abakaliki’s Ahmed Aliyu shared that his family made the switch to charcoal as it proves economical, and he can conveniently obtain it with a small expenditure.

“I keep saying it, this is not the time to increase the cooking gas, and the citizens are yet to recover from the hardship occasioned by the removal of the fuel subsidy.

“It is sad that the cost of cooking gas keeps increasing almost on a daily basis and everyone is quiet and cost of living is becoming worrisome every day,” Aliyu stated.

On hike in cooking gas, a Pump Attendant at a gas station, who spoke on ground of anonymity, said he could not ascertain the actual cause for the increase.

He explained that the increase was also affecting the business as the station continued to record low patronage.

“Many of our customers now resort to using firewood and charcoal for cooking. This is serious.

“We have been witnessing changes in price every day. Someday, it will even be twice depending on the market cost,” he added.

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