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Mburubu Chieftaincy: Nkanu Youths Caution Enugu Commissioner

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While the dispute over the Mburubu traditional stool intensifies, the national leadership of Concerned Youths of Nkanu East has admonished Enugu State Commissioner for Science and Technology, Prince Lawrence Ezeh, to direct his attention to his ministerial duties.

Tensions have flared over the contested occupancy of the vacant traditional stool in the Mburubu kingdom within Nkanu West Local Government Area of Enugu State.

According to information obtained by The Eastern Updates, two factions are presently vying for control of the throne.

However, as per a statement from the National Publicity Secretary of the group, Comrade Ejike Valentine Nnaji, the Nkanu East cautioned the commissioner to avoid actions that might sow discord within the community.

According to them, Prince Ezeh had allegedly made his biased position on the matter unmistakably clear.

They went on to accuse him of allegedly backing verbal attacks and groundless allegations directed at Hon. Sydney Okey Edeh, the Chairman of Nkanu East Local Government Area.

The commissioner, Ezeh, holds the title of a Prince and hails from the Mburubu community.

As per their statement, they affirm that Hon. Sydney Okey Edeh’s issuance of a certificate of acceptance to Chief Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe as the Igwe-elect of Mburubu community is a definitive decision.

They asserted that, ‘this was based on empirical evidence and the unanimous approval by Mburubu community leaders, as sanctioned by the community’s constitution.’

‘The allegation that the local government chairman, Prince Edeh collected a bribe should be discountenanced.’

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‘We are bewildered at the Honourable Commissioner’s involvement in local politics, diverting his attention from his assigned responsibilities.’

‘It is perplexing that the Honourable Commissioner would leave his official duties to engage in local politics instead of acting as a father figure.’

A faction, reportedly aligned with the commissioner, stirred controversy by presenting Chief Linus Igbudu as the Igwe-elect to the council chairman, drawing sharp denouncement from opposing voices.

‘We want to emphasise the importance of addressing issues through proper channels, rather than resorting to media confrontations,’ he stated.

‘On our part, we want a peaceful resolution of the ongoing conflict.’

‘This is why we are also urging Prince Ezeh to collaborate with Chief Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe, the Igwe-elect of Mburubu to advance the course of the Mburubu community.’

The call went out for the commissioner to halt the encouragement of community factions, with a strong emphasis on redirecting efforts towards initiatives that foster unity.

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