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Otti Inaugurates ‘Mayors’ For Abia Local Government Areas

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Abia State’s Governor, Alex Otti, administered the oath of office to mayors and deputy mayors, covering the entirety of the state’s 27 Local Government Areas (LGAs).

The governor tasked the officials with the crucial duty of serving their communities and ensuring their safety.

Otti, speaking at the Michael Okpara auditorium in Umuahia during the swearing-in of the 34 appointees, emphasized their immediate objective: reinforcing the security structure in their diverse local government areas.

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Reiterating his stance, he affirmed that Abia State would not compromise any part to criminals, ensuring that developmental initiatives extend to every region within the state.

Otti clarified that the recently designated LGA chairmen, locally referred to as Mayors in Abia, would be granted autonomy to administer their local governments. He encouraged them to adopt a servant-leader mindset.

He reminded them of the need to align their programs to be in tandem with the philosophy of the Labour Party (LP)- led administration in Abia.

In response to criticism directed at certain LGA bosses, Otti acknowledged the concerns, affirming that his administration had taken note while expressing confidence in the appropriateness of the chosen leaders for the councils.

Otti lauded the House of Assembly for their swift action in screening the LGA chairmen, expressing appreciation for their timely and effective process.

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