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Residents Of Anambra Community Abandon Homes Over Pollution

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Some residents of Ndam village in Nnobi community, Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra State have abandoned their homes due to pollution from the recently established Seaman Rice Mill company, The Eastern Updates reports. 

Indigenes of the village who spoke to journalists decried the establishment of a rice mill within their residential area, while also complaining of foul smell and emission of harmful black smoke into the air, which has covered the entire area.

In an interview with reporters, a Spokesman of the affected families, Mr John Enwedo, said: “The rice mill was sited here last year. When the production started, we noticed very dark smoke coming from the factory and our entire kindred is now covered with smoke. Many people around started experiencing itching in their eyes and other body rashes.

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“The noise from the factory does not allow us to sleep. My aged mother has been falling sick frequently since the factory started operation. She too has rashes all over her body.

“As you see this house, we no longer sleep here. The soot emitted by the milling machine covers our entire environment. You cannot keep water outside and hope to still use it because once you return, it has turned black. We cannot also fetch rain water from our roof because our roof is already covered with this black soot.

“Apart from that, the noise of the machine does not let anyone here to sleep. People have abandoned their homes. We are begging Anambra State governor, Prof Chukwuma Soludo to come to our aid.

“This is not the kind of factory you build in residential areas, and as it stands, we do not know if a proper environmental impact assessment (EIA) was carried out before the siting of the industry.

“We want the factory to be removed completely because this is a residential area. This is not an industrial area where factory of this nature should be sited.”

When journalists contacted the chairman of Seaman Rice Mill, Mr Emeka Agbanari, he said he has received the complaint, and that the matter was being resolved.

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