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Imo Guber: Democracy Under Massive Attack, Achonu Cries Out

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The Governorship candidate of the Labour Party in Imo State, Senator Athan Achonu, has declared that with the conduct of the election in the state, democracy is under attack in the country.

He decried the alleged high level of electoral manipulations that took place in the state.

He, however, said that the masses were resisting the plot to subvert the will of the people.

Achonu said, ‘In so many places, it is either the INEC staff refused to sign the result or refuse to upload. You saw what happened here. It took the intervention of security operatives who came here before they started uploading the results. The machine they said could not upload suddenly started uploading.’

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‘Maybe if I wasn’t from this area, it wouldn’t have been possible. There are even places in Aboh Mbaise where they did not have result sheets.’

Despite his observations, the LP candidate claimed he was winning.

He added, ‘We are winning massively on the ground. They have done everything humanly possible to thwart that, but we will not allow that. Imolites will not allow that. I hope INEC is hearing me clearly now. They should declare our results the way they are. They can’t change our results.

‘The All Progressives Congress government should be ashamed of themselves. They have lost the election, and they are trying to change the result.

‘Democracy is under attack, but we are resisting it. That is why you see all these people here so that we can have proper democracy and good governance. Of course, INEC must cancel everywhere this madness occurred and order a rerun.’

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