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You Politicised Labour Unions In Imo, Uzodinma Hits Ajaero

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The Governor of Imo State, Mr. Hope Uzodinma has lambasted Comrade Joe Ajae­ro the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) accusing him of undue politicisa­tion of labour activities in the state.

The Governor while fielding questions from the State House correspondents in Abuja, accused the la­bour leader of not differentiating between labour issues and his in­terest in local politics of the state.

Uzodinma also debunked speculations that he owed work­ers’ salaries up to the tune of 40 months as alleged by the unions, insisting that his administration was up-to-date on salary payments of civil servants in the state.

Uzodinma insisted he had been up-to-date with the payment of civil servants salaries in the state, since he assumed office on 15th of January, 2020.

The governor challenged Imo civil servants being owed salary arrears, to come out openly to challenge the government on the allegation.

He said: ‘I think it is a very good opportunity for me to clear the air on the so-called allegations.’

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‘When I came into Imo State as the governor on January 15, 2020, from 2020 January till date, there’s no month we have not paid salary before 30th. The situation is that before this time, I thought that the trade union was a demo­cratic entity that allows the opin­ion of people.

‘I don’t pay federal civil ser­vants, I only pay Imo State civil servants and I challenged any Imo State civil servants to come out and say that from January 15, 2020 till date that he has not received salary in any of the month.”

‘What has happened in this ugly incident that the national president of Nigeria Labour Congress is from Imo State and has not been able to demarcate the difference between being a national leader of an organisa­tion and an interested party in lo­cal politics. But, God will manage the situation.’

Uzodinma explained that two months after he assumed office, he commenced payment of mini­mum wage of N30,000 for the civ­il servants in the state, which his predecessor in office could not pay.

According to him, By Decem­ber, 2020 the State Government also paid 13th month salary to the workers, making it the first time in the annals of the state, stress­ing that the government had been consistent with the payment ever since.

I automated the payment sys­tem. Salaries are now received in an automated manner in Imo State. I brought innovations, I reformed the civil service. No wonder in the civil service the entire NLC of Imo State Chapter endorsed me and I am the only candidate they are supporting in the election. The Nigerian Union of Pensioners endorsed me.

‘From 2007 to 2020, no civil servant in Imo State received gratuity. It is only my government that has now floated bond to pay outstanding gratuities to civil servants.

‘So, I understand the sensitiv­ity of this event, but I want you people to be very careful because there’s an attempt to mix up par­tisan politics or an attempt to blackmail my government. But, I can tell you that my people are already aware and that was why the Nigeria Labour Congress Imo State Chapter, addressed a world press conference that what their national leadership is saying is not correct. And that they are not coming to do any strike or protests. And in the process they decided to dissolve them to put in a caretaker.’

Uzodinma added that having campaigned vigorously, APC was the party to beat in the three states of Imo, Kogi and Bayelsa in the November 11 guber polls.

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