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Otti Mulls Construction Of Modular Refineries In Abia

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The Government of Abia State has an­nounced plans to provide private sector players in the oil and gas industry with over 100 hectares of land, infrastruc­ture, and an enabling environment for the construction of a modular refineries. 

The Eastern Updates reports that Abia State Government is consideration creation of environmental­ly friendly energy hub consisting of a modular refinery, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) processing plants through a Private Public Partnership (PPP) ar­rangement.

The state pointed out that plans to provide private sector players in the oil and gas industry with over 100 hectares of land, infrastructure, and an enabling envi­ronment for the project, which accord­ing to the governor, Alex Otti, aims to grow the economy of the state and ensure prosperity for its cit­izens.

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He conveyed this in his goodwill address on the theme: Nigeria’s Ener­gy Transition: Enhancing Investment Opportunities & addressing challenges in Energy Sector, at the recently con­cluded Association of Energy Corre­spondents of Nigeria (NAEC) Annual International Strategic Conference 2023 held in Lagos.

He was represented at the event by Professor Joel Ogbonna, Commission­er for Petroleum Mineral Resources.

He stated: ‘The Abia State Gov­ernment’s decision to provide land and infrastructure for the project is a significant step towards achieving a sustainable energy future. The project will also create job opportunities for the citizens of Abia State and boost the state’s economy.

‘We are committed to unleashing and spending resources on technology and infrastructure to make this agenda a reality. We are however committed to decarbonisation to reduce our carbon footprint.

‘So as a government in Abia state, we have decided to drive a good envi­ronment clean initiative,’ the Commis­sioner for Petroleum Mineral Resourc­es said.

He emphasised that good gover­nance is the fundamental thing that can make all these aspirations a reality.

He added: ‘The government that lacks vision and goals might not be able to achieve basic developmental objectives.’

He further stated that the crude oil in the natural field has little economic and financial value, if the molecules are not broken down into useful com­modities including petrochemicals and plastics.

“Governor Otti has decided to make Abia state a new hydrocarbon invest­ment haven. He has initiated the idea of establishing an importation bank so that we can take advantage of those resources.

“This would enable us to bring all the players together for an investment and establishment of modular refin­eries, petrochemical plants, fertilisers plants and logistics in Abia State.

He noted that Governor Otti’s ad­ministration agenda was crafted with the Abia State future in mind.

This is to ensure that whatever ac­tion is being done in the state is chan­nelled towards securing the future for generations to come.

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