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WTD: Imo PDP Candidate Calls On Teachers To Stay Resolute

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On the occasion of the 2023 World Teachers Day Anniversary, teachers in Imo State have been implored by Senator Samuel Anyanwu, the People’s Democratic Governorship candidate for the November 11 election, to remain persistent despite intimidation and harassment.

In a statement released on Thursday in Owerri by Ikenna Onuoha, Director of Media and Publicity for the Imo PDP (Sam-Jons) Governorship Campaign Organization, he affirmed his determination to give utmost importance to the welfare package if elected as Governor in the November 11 election.

Anyanwu expressed gratitude to the divine for rescuing Imo’s employees from what he termed an administrative trap set by the embattled Governor Hope Uzodinma, who, he claimed, had unjustly labeled them as “Ghost” workers.

The PDP’s choice for the Governorship position lauded Imo’s labor force as devoted, committed, and tirelessly working toward the progress of Imo State.

He said: ‘Most regrettably, the present administration led by Hope Uzodinma has a natural hatred against Imo workers, especially Teachers.

Anyanwu brought to mind a recent incident where Uzodinma purportedly categorized more than 40% of Imo’s workers as “Ghost” workers, citing the government’s inability to cover their accrued salary arrears.

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He asserted that Uzodinma has openly shown antipathy towards Imo’s educators by dismissing all entreaties from concerned parties to repair run-down school infrastructure statewide or to construct fresh ones for a more favorable learning environment. Unfortunately, Uzodinma has continually and unashamedly disregarded this appeal.

He said: ‘It is annoying that while Teachers in other states are given much attention and provided with good welfare packages by Governors in those states, Imo Teachers are abandoned and left to live by borrowing after sacrificing their best to aid state and nation-building’.

He said while teachers are set to commemorate this year’s World Teachers Day, with the Theme: ‘The Teachers We Need For The Education We Want: Global Imperative To Reverse The Teacher’s Shortage’, Uzodinma will still shun them to gather under the sun or in the rain when their counterparts in other states are treated appropriately and given Air-conditioned auditorium for the event.

He mentioned that World International Teachers’ Day commemorates the adoption of the 1966 recommendation by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) concerning the Status of Teachers.

He noted that, from his viewpoint, the UNESCO recommendation plays a vital role in defining the rights and obligations of teachers, as well as in establishing criteria for their initial training, continuous education, recruitment, employment conditions, and the quality of teaching and learning environments.

The PDP candidate alleged that Governor Uzodinma has failed to either follow through on the UNESCO recommendation, supply the necessary equipment, or facilitate the promotion of teachers to their rightful grade levels to ensure a conducive teaching and learning environment.

He underscored that Uzodinma’s disregard for education lays bare the disappointing and subpar performance of students in Imo State in recent assessments, where the state was ranked among the bottom 5 states in terms of development.

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