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Tackling Health Sector Deficit A Priority – Uzodinma

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Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma, has praised the dedication and loyalty of medical professionals from the United States of America participating in medical outreach in Imo State.

While commending the doctors for their eagerness to come back and make a positive impact on the health of Imo’s people, Governor Uzodimma treated them to a dinner on Tuesday night.

During the gathering, he underscored his government’s ongoing efforts to address healthcare deficiencies since assuming office in 2020.

In this light, he emphasised that it’s uplifting to recognise that while some of their colleagues prioritise practicing medicine overseas, the visiting contingent of doctors from the United States is looking forward to returning to their homeland to actively participate in elevating healthcare delivery, not just nationally but especially within Imo State.

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In acknowledgement of their visit, the governor expressed his gratitude and affirmed his government’s commitment to addressing healthcare sector gaps.

He earnestly appealed to them for their support in fortifying the state’s healthcare infrastructure for the benefit of both the people and the government.

Governor Uzodinma shared his pleasure upon hearing that certain Nigerian doctors based in the United States are inclined to return to practice in Nigeria and offer their expertise to their fellow countrymen, in contrast to the ambitions of those within Nigeria seeking opportunities abroad.

He recollected that on assuming office in 2020, he realized that ’80 percent of deaths in Imo State are avoidable and as a result of lack of good medical care’ hence the determination of his government to ‘confront the deficit in the healthcare sector frontally.’

In a prayer, he beseeched God to watch over the sincere and dedicated doctors who choose to come to Nigeria for charitable work, underscoring that their deeds embody statesmanship, patriotism, and unwavering commitment.

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