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Soludo Vows To Remove Criminals, Touts From Upper Iweka

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The Governor of Anambra State, Chukwuma Soludo has vowed to clean and rid Upper Iweka, and Onitsha of criminals, touts, and illegal structures.

The Eastern Updates reports that decision was made in response to the existence of a legion of touts (Agberos) who fostered various levels of criminal activity, lawlessness, drug dealing, pickpocketing, robbery, and other vices.

Speaking during an unscheduled visit to the area, Soludo warned jobless youths constituting a nuisance within the vicinity to enroll in the one-youth-two skills to be empowered.

He said: ‘If you must remain in Anambra, you must be gainfully employed. If you are jobless, enroll in the one -youth-two skills to be empowered. Those who completed the pilot phase will be empowered very soon.’

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According to the governor, there were strict rules for motor park administrators if they wanted to operate, pointing out that all vehicles must operate within the garages, not loading on the established walkways.

He further warned that any garage that failed to comply with the directive would be locked up, assuring that Upper Iweka would no longer be a den for touts and criminals.

He added: ‘From Moore Street-Iweka Road through Ochanja, down to Owerri Road, we are fixing and cleaning up the area to make it clean. All petty traders along the road will be relocated to Oduigbo and Ogbaru.’

While regretting how disorderliness and lawlessness in the commercial city was driving away customers from trading in the state, Soludo warned criminal elements perpetrating illegality and criminality in the state to leave or face the full weight of the law.

He decried increasing cases of blocking of drainages by transport buses, ordering erring drivers to leave the spots and start loading inside their respective parks.

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