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Human Capital Development: Group Backs Uzodinma’s Re-Election

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The Imo state electorates are being urged by the National Congress of Ohaji Youths (NACOY) to cast their votes in favour of Governor Hope Uzodinma‘s second term, aiming to sustain the current human capital development initiative.

Miss Susan Amadi, who serves as the Woman Leader of the socio-political pressure group, made this request during a political awareness drive held by the organisation at Mgbirichi, Ohaji-Egbema Local Government Area, on Sunday.

Amadi praised Governor Uzodinma for his contributions to human capital development, citing initiatives like the Skill-Up-Imo project, a youth-focused skills training program.

She pointed out that the project possessed the capability to resolve the unemployment crisis, promote youth entrepreneurship, rehabilitate radicalised youth, and address security concerns.

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She went on to implore the youth of the community, with a special emphasis on the female members, to alter their attitudes toward social, political, educational, and economic matters, in line with peers from other areas.

‘It is our desire to encourage the girl children to be active participants in social, economical, educational and political affairs,’ Amadi said.

She mentioned that Governor Uzodinma’s involvement in human capital development could achieve even more significant progress if he were to secure reelection.

‘The girl child must therefore remove the barriers that prevent her from participating in society,’ she said.

She recommended that the young population should actively engage in the November 11 governorship election, dispelling political disinterest, and participate wholeheartedly by voting in significant numbers.

She articulated her wish for the continuity of human capital development, which she sees as a hallmark of Governor Uzodinma’s administration.

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