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Petrol Price Soars To ₦630/L In Enugu

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The Enugu metropolis is witnessing an unprecedented surge in the price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), also known as petrol, with the cost soaring to an all-time high between 610 and 630.

As of Wednesday, an investigation conducted in various parts of the city, including Awkunanaw, Abakpa Nike, and Obiagu areas, confirmed the availability of the product. However, the observed price differences were significant.

The investigation’s results indicated that a significant number of petrol stations in the city witnessed no queues, a testament to the effective handling of product distribution and availability.

The city’s transportation costs have witnessed a surge of around N50. For instance, the fare for commuting from Gariki to New Market, which was formerly N250, has now been adjusted to N300.

In addition, the fare for transportation between Mayor Junction and the Holy Ghost Market has seen an uptick from N200 to N250.

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According to Margaret Edeh, a secondary school student who commutes from Awkunanaw to WTC every morning, she now pays N200 instead of the previous N150 for her transportation, owing to the recent increase in petrol prices.

‘I can’t wait for schools to close so that my parents can make some savings. They are spending a lot on my siblings and I just on transport alone,’ she said.

In response to the price hike of petrol, Mr. Nelson Igwebuike, a bus driver, voiced his dismay, labelling it as an unjust decision.

‘Where do we run to in this country? It appears that every government is just interested in making things difficult for the poor masses,’ he said.

Mrs. Obiageli Okoli, a civil servant, expressed her intention to discuss the number of days to go to the office with her superior.

‘I live far from the office; therefore, I cannot be going to the office everyday. I will discuss with my boss because I can’t cope,’ she said.

Mr. Sunday Onovo, who works as a tricycle operator, expressed his concern over the escalating economic situation, stating that it has become exceedingly difficult for the common man to cope.

‘As you can see, look at many cyclists but no passengers; nobody is coming out because of hardship,’ he said.

As a consequence of the petrol price hike and the hardship that follows, Onovo remarked on the growing inclination of people to choose walking as a viable alternative.

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