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Imo Guber: Anyanwu Is Uzodinma’s Stooge, PDP Members Allege

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Some members of the opposition People Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State have written to the national secretariat of the party in Abuja alleging that Senator Samuel Anyanwu who is the party’s governorship aspirant in the November 2023 poll, is not showing any sign he wants to challenge for governorship.

In a letter titled, ‘Save Imo PDP from disgrace and extinction,’ signed by Chief Eric Ofodirinwa on behalf of Critical Stakeholders, the PDP members said Senator Anyanwu might jolly well be working for Governor Hope Uzodimma’s re-election and called for seriousness to avoid a disgrace at the poll.

The members expressed worry that Senator Anyanwu who doubles as the National Secretary of the party had been more concerned with his job at the national level, thus leaving the party bleeding.

The letter which was sent to The Eastern Updates reads in part: ‘It smacks of political naivety for one person, in this instance, Senator Anyanwu, to be tenaciously functioning as the national secretary of our great party and simultaneously operating as the candidate of our party for the forthcoming governorship election.

‘These jagged dual capacities of Senator Anyanwu have rendered him ineffective given the weighty demands of these offices.

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‘It is evident that this is the major reason many of our members have continued to exit the party in droves. It is generally ascertained that our candidate for the Imo governorship election has not shown any sign of seriousness ever since he emerged the PDP standard bearer. This is so because, rather than settling down in Imo to build the party and establish it on the sound path of victory, Senator Anyanwu has been busy junketing from state to state as he still sees himself primarily as a national officer of PDP and least as the candidate of the party for the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Imo State.

‘The effects of Senator Anyanwu›s gross misconduct and nauseating activities have had a disastrous effect on our great party that they can no longer go unnoticed in view of their harrowing consequences.

‘It is with pains in our hearts that we report the terrible and ugly developments in our party headquarters. The rent of our secretariat has expired for sometime now and the landlord is threatening to throw the party out of his property if the rent is not paid soonest. This is shameful and hitherto unheard of.

‘The workers therein are owed arrears of salaries as we speak. To make matters even worse, there is a notice of retrenchment of the workforce as well as slashing of salaries of the few workers who eventually survive the so called harmonization.

‘It is very disheartening to report that a visit to the Imo State PDP secretariat in Owerri shows that it looks like a ghost town that has been completely deserted.

‘In spite of these ugly developments, our candidate, Senator Anyanwu continues to behave like the proverbial king who chases rat while his kingdom is on fire. This goes to confirm our earlier contention that Senator Anyanwu is just a mole of APC in our party as he does not mean well for PDP, particularly as concerns the November 11, 2023 Imo State governorship election.  We say it on strong authority that Senator Anyanwu is a facilitator for Governor Hope Uzodinma to win his re-election on November 2023.’

‘Based on these, we therefore, call on the National Working Committee of our great party to urgently save Imo PDP from the brink of total collapse by prevailing on Senator Anyanwu to step down as the national secretary of PDP to enable him concentrate and manage his candidacy of the party. We make bold to state that given the extant state of affairs in the party in Imo State, Senator Anyanwu is no doubt working for the re-election of Governor Hope Uzodinma of APC. If the National Working Committee continues to ignore these ominous warning signs, the inevitable outcome is that Imo State PDP would have lost the November 11, 2023 election, even before campaigns start in mid-June.

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