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Anambra Unveils e-Card To Curb Impersonation In Civil Service

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The Government of Anambra State has unveiled an electronic identity card that will be used by civil servants and other government employees to curb impersonation, ghost workers, and other ills in the system.

The card was unveiled at the weekend by the Head of Service of Anambra State, Mrs. Theodora Igwegbe, at the Jerome Udorji State Secretariat in Awka, the state capital.

While unveiling the identity card, Igwegbe said it would strengthen the identity management of workers in the state by enabling the government and citizens to easily identify civil servants and all other government employees.

She said: ‘This scheme can significantly enhance service delivery for Anambra State civil servants. By digitising identification processes, civil servants can access government services more conveniently, reducing paperwork and minimizing the need for physical presence.

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‘This digital transformation empowers civil servants to engage in online training, access relevant resources, and collaborate remotely, thereby facilitating professional development and fostering knowledge-sharing within the civil service.

‘Moreover, streamlined processes and faster turnaround times result in improved public service delivery, ultimately benefiting the citizens of Anambra State.

While explaining the processes involved in getting enrolled, the managing director of Anambra State ICT Agency, Fred Agbata whose office built the electronic identity card database said every civil servant is expected to enroll as not doing so may amount to excluding oneself from several benefits, including salaries.

‘The card has a QR code, and all you need when you present it anywhere is for anyone who is in doubt to scan it using an Android device.

‘Once done, the data of the said card holder will be revealed, even though only limited information will be revealed. This will curb identity theft, loss of revenue, ghost workers among others.

‘Government is also providing free internet for all workers, and only civil servants that have requested and received their Anambra State government email will be able to access the WiFi.

‘All civil servants will only be able to use the government email to transact government businesses and keep their personal email for personal use. Those are the innovations we are bringing,’ Agbata said.

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