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Ignore Ekpa’s Sit-At-Home Threat, MASSOB Urges South East

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The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has called on states in the South East and their residents to ignore the sit-at-home order and threat by the self-styled pro-Biafra leader, Simon Ekpa.

The Eastern Updates reports that MASSOB which condemned in strong words the activities of Ekpa urged Ndigbo to go about their normal business without fear.

The Movement wondered how someone who claims to be a freedom fighter for his people would turn around to be their nightmare and tormentor.

In a statement issued, on Wednesday by MASSOB National Director of Information, Edeson Samuel, the group described Ekpa as an agent of the government for the purpose of destroying Igboland.

‘It is very unfortunate that some people have allowed themselves to be used by agents of Nigerian government to turn South East into a war zone.

‘How can someone who claimed to be fighting for the freedom of his people at the same time turn around and kill, destroy the economy of the same people he is fighting for?

‘A lot of innocent Biafra youths has been killed by Nigerian security agents, many are still in various prisons in Nigeria, and now you are adding more pains and sufferings to our people, this is no longer agitation for the liberation of Biafra people.

‘MASSOB will not support anybody who lives outside Biafra land and be giving order and counter-order that will affect the life of Ndigbo negatively.’

Furthermore, the group said, ‘It is clear that the main aim of these  people ordering for sit-at-home is nothing  but to create crisis in South East, giving Nigeria government reasons not release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.’

Warning those they called agents of Nigerian government to stop  their evil acts against Igbo, MASSOB assured that they and other Biafra agitators would not allow ‘faceless people paid by Nigeria government to destroy all the pro Biafra groups have laboured for years.’

MASSOB also said that “This is the same act of sabotage Raph Uwazuike did, and it has relegated Ndigbo to became the list populated tribe, because we refused to participate in the last census.’

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