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Real Reason IBC Staff Is Still In DSS Custody – Imo Govt

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The Imo State Government has provided further explanations as to why op­eratives of the Directorate of State Services (DSS) are still keeping in their custody a staff of the Imo State Broad­casting Corporation, Casmir Chinonye Uzomah.

The Eastern Updates reports that over the past few days, the so­cial media have been awash with demands for the release of Uzomah who was arrest­ed by the DSS for airing on the IBC radio station, Orient FM, a criminal, libellous, and extremely subversive song against His Excellency, Sen Hope Uzodimma, the gover­nor of Imo State, while on duty at the radio station. That was on August 04, 2022.

The Imo State Commis­sioner for Information and Strategy, Declan Emelumba claimed the DSS wants to ensure that investigation into the reason Uzomah was detained is not jeopardised.

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‘Some of those ignorantly calling for his release have gone far enough to baselessly claim that he was detained on the orders of the state govern­ment,’ Emelumba said.

The Commissioner in a statement on Monday said: ‘For the avoidance of doubt, neither Imo State govern­ment nor Imo Broadcasting Corporation is responsible for the arrest of the said Cas­mir Chinonye Uzomah. He was arrested by the DSS for airing subversive material ca­pable of threatening national security.

‘The DSS has confirmed that upon his arrest he made a written confession that the said offensive and damaging song he aired was given to him by some collaborators, in a flash drive, and he duly smuggled same into IBC stu­dio and willfully caused it to be aired, in violation of the terms of his employment and the ethics of the broad­cast industry.

‘This seditious and high­ly subversive song described the governor of the state, His Excellency, Senator Hope Uzodimma as a murderer, a vampire and sucker of blood. It was as bad as that, and in­deed worse. Yet an employee of the government had the audacity to air the song in a state owned radio station. If that does not qualify for the height of impudence and willful subversion then any­thing else can.

‘That was a clear case of criminal libel against a man who has never been accused of a high crime nor convicted by a court of law. The aim, of course, was not just to dispar­age the governor but to ma­liciously damage his reputa­tion and to incite the public against the government.’ he concluded.

Many Imolites have continued to react to the arrest on social media.

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