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Primary Elections: Imo PDP, APC In Chaos

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Some serious confusion and uncertainty seems to be brewing over the All Progressives Congress (APC) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) primary elections in Imo State.

The Eastern Updates has learnt that the primaries earlier scheduled to begin on Sunday with House of Assembly aspirants have been shifted. The postponement will also be affecting other elections.

While the PDP had postponed the date for its primaries indefinitely, the APC said it has shifted its House of Assembly and in its place would conduct the Federal House primaries in all Federal Constituencies on Sunday

Although no later date has been announced for commencement of the primaries in PDP, there were feelers that the exercise may hold in the next three days if the issue bothering on litigations and cancellations by INEC are sorted out.

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Imo PDP Publicity Secretary Emenike Nmeregini told The Nation the House of Assembly primary election could not hold because of litigations and cancellations by INEC.

“It did not hold because of litigations and cancellations both by INEC and maybe in the next two to three days time, the whole issue would have been soughted out and then we know when we are to hold our own primary election.”

He also disclosed that aside the litigation issue which has not been vacated by the court, its 3- man delegate list had problem.

“You may have known that the 3-man delegate list have problem and the injunction by the court has not been vacated, until that happens, there will be no election from that side of the delegate.

“Then of course the election law has not been signed by President Muhammadu Buhari which is also an impediment for the delegates because statutory delegates will not vote except that law is signed into law.

“You can see that there are two impediments and they are holding Imo State to ransome now until they are soughted out, Imo may not go into primary election.”

He said that the problem cuts across all parties and not only limited to PDP or APC alone.

Imo APC Publicity Secretary, Cajetan Duke said that party was conducting only its Federal House in all the Federal Constituencies, adding that where the statutory delegates fail, that the party would apply its ad-hoc delegates for the election.

However, he agreed that the matter of statutory delegates is an issue of law.

“The truth of the matter is, it is an issue of law and of the law does not allow statutory delegates to participate, our party will not change the rules, it is meant for everybody, so will also abide by the rules,” he stressed.


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