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The Vision Of Enugu’s Creation Has Been Bastardised – Agu

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One of the Governorship aspirants in Enugu state under the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Comrade Chris Agu, has decried the bastardisation of the creative vision for Enugu state, which promised to restore the original philosophy behind the Wawa state movement, in elected as Governor in the 2023 election.

Chris Agu who declared for governorship at Eke Ani-Ngwo in Enugu North local council, prayed for the souls of the departed patriots of Enugu state such as Chief C.C Onoh, Chief Charles Abangwu, Justice Dadi Onyeama, Chief Alum of Ogui-Nike, Justice Anthony Aniagolu, Chief Abdulaziz Udeh, among others who he said took the fight from were the grandfathers of Wawa people stopped.

Agu said that what he has for the state was a vision and not a mission, stating angrily that it was some people who laboured for the state which he alleged that some people are destroying today.

“Toda, hawks and vultures that work in Enugu state are destroying the state. The vision for the creation of Wawa state has been bastardized, the vultures and hawks are devouring the state, today we are caged, you can’t speak anyhow, you can’t even exercise political freedom because of the nature of the people that took over the government which their forefathers and relatives never suffered for.

“Today these ancestors must be weeping in their graves because the philosophy and vision which they had for the creation of Wawa state have been bastardized. Our Children and history will not be kind to us if we fold our hands and watch devourers of Enugu state without doing anything.

“The time for the present government has expired and there is always time for the rise and fall of every empire. Any empire that punishes, defrauds and sets people’s homes ablaze because of a financial crisis, such an empire must collapse. The PDP government has collapsed, we should not be afraid because I am taking the lead. We are going into the government house come 2023, ” Agu alleged.

Chris Agu also promised never to be clannish, if elected as governor, noting that the people of the Enugu state have the capacity but were being dragged down by clannish past and present clannish leaderships in the state.

“C.C Onoh was not selfish, he was not self-centred. I am interested in the development of Wawa place. I want to be governor of Enugu state so that our people will know that everybody is not a thief. One thing I will promise the Enugu state people is that I will not steal your money when I become governor. Every responsible governor has more than enough to eat without stealing. It is greed and satanic of a person that when he becomes governor, he will start stealing. I will not.

“I will use my position as governor to touch lives of the less privileged in Enugu state and that is the mission the Lord has sent me to do so that people will glorify him when the righteous is on the throne. All the arrears owed to workers, all the pensions that have not been reviewed, some people’s pensions remain the same since they left the service, no harmonization, they will be harmonized under my tenure. I will never be a corrupt governor because I have never been corrupt and no position will corrupt me for the Lord has made me a Man of contentment. People should not be afraid of how Chris Agu will raise N50 million. It will never be a problem and the money to execute the project will never be a problem,” Agu said.

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