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Kalu Urges APC To Zone Presidential Ticket To South East

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The Senate Chief Whip, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, has called on the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Working Committee (NWC) to reveal its proposed zoning formula as well as its presidential ticket for the year 2023 to the South East.

In a statement released in Abuja, the former governor of Abia State stated he would run for president if the office was given to the South East.

By making public the party’s zoning formula, he stated, aspirants would be guided on the right path to follow and prevented disputes and litigation after the primary.

As to the just-concluded convention, he said it should be emulated in future contests within the party.

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“As the presidential primary election approaches, the issue of zoning is once again central and, as usual, contentious. The  party is gearing towards making forms available for different elective positions and it is important that the party, as a matter of urgency, reveal her zoning plans for intending aspirants.

“The zoning of offices is very important as it will not only show light on the path of contenders, but also save the party from unnecessary disagreements and litigations after primaries. My earlier calls and that of other  political leaders, stakeholders, opinion moulders, amongst others for the need of sensitivity to the South East region that have been excluded from the presidency should be a concern to all well meaning Nigerians with conscience.

“The year 2023 is really a good time to tweak our democratic experiment and create everlasting history in such a way that shows sensitivity to the country’s cultural uniqueness  and make all regions feel a sense of belonging. It is time to strengthen the unity of the country by making a southeasterner president of Nigeria. There is absolutely no better time for it than now.

“In our country today, having built a formidable spread across regions, I consider myself the most de-tribalised Nigerian with rich experience in economy, business, politics, security and  sports  to lead the people and manage the economy. I shall be running for the office of the president if the party zones it to the South East. However, in the absence of zoning it to the South East, I  understand the supremacy of the party, and shall abide by the decision of the party”.

To achieve national unity, Kalu encouraged Nigerians to do away with tribalism and other obstacles.

Nigeria, he said, faced serious security challenges and threats to national unity, but the people must understand that society was built to be an integrated whole.

“I believe in the unity of this country because we are better as one. If the potential of citizens of the country are adequately harnessed, we will see more reasons to embrace each other and win together. We are therefore required to stand strong and forget all other factors such as tribalism, hatred among the other factors that prevent the achievement of national security and unity in Nigeria”, Kalu advised.


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