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In 2023, Biafran Groups Want Bishop Onuoha For Governor

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As the Biafra independence struggle continues, a coalition of pro-Biafra organisations including the Biafra Independence Organisation (BIO), the Igbo Revolutionary Movement (IRM), the Eastern Peoples Renewal initiative (EPR), the Biafra Clergy Network (BCN) and the Biafra Rights Initiative (BRI) continues to reaffirm its earlier resolve of achieving Biafra through non-violence and involvement.

In this regard, the groups expressed their unanimous support for, and in addition called on, Vision Africa International President, Bishop Sunday Onuoha, to declare his candidacy for the governorship seat of Abia State.

This is in response to the recent call for a power shift to Abia North by the Ngwa group based in America.

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Onuoha of the Methodist Church is the only credible candidate that is acceptable to succeed Governor Okezie Ikpeazu in the coming election. This is the position taken by the pro-Biafra group.

The groups’ assertion: “He has proved beyond doubt that he is a selfless Igbo leader, a bridge builder, an eloquent representative of Ndigbo, a vocal critic against any form of injustice mostly on Igbo interest and a reputable grassroots mover with compassion”.

Emeka Ibekwe, the administrative secretary of the group, stated that Onuoha’s extensive knowledge of global humanitarian services, international endorsements, and connections will propel him to take Abia State to the heights it desires.

A second group, the Isiala Ngwa Family Association (INFA), Atlanta, Georgia, USA, has also called for a power transition to Abia North in 2023.

It is INFA’s opinion that Abia North should be considered for the position of successor to Ikpeazu in 2023

“It is morally wrong for Nde Ngwa to hold power for 16 years at a stretch”, the group stated that, although it appears to be a logical approach to maintain Old Aba Division’s power in an equal manner to the number of years power was held by Old Bende Division.

INFA further posited: “Excluding the Ukwa nation from bonafide beneficiaries of the Old Aba Division is yet another injustice that the proponents of this narrative deliberately want to cover”.

According to a statement from Uchenna Elemuo of the group, proponents of the ‘Ngwa self succession agenda’ should consider the Abia Charter of Equity, as it would be thought to be insensitive and greedy for the Ngwa clan to attempt to retain power after 2023, when Abia North has not been able to enjoy power since the creation of Abia.

Charles Ogbonnaya (Evulogu Ibeku), former Chief of Staff (CoS) in the office of the deputy governor, stated in his response that no Ngwa person would succeed Governor Ikpeazu in 2023.

In a news conference on Sunday, Ogbonnaya, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) founding member, called for the transfer of power from Abia South to Abia North.

As he said, the same people who were pressing Ikpeazu to hand over power to Ngwa were against him in 2015 as he was vying for a governorship position.

“We took it upon ourselves for them to come back and accept Ikpeazu as governor.

“Ikpeazu’s friend came to my house one early morning, he woke me up and asked me why I am supporting Ikpeazu as governor and I looked at him, brought my drink, gave to him and asked him to leave.

“There was serious opposition against him, but as God may have it, because we have the capacity, we were able to deliver him two times”.

Ogbonnaya appealed to PDP elders, stakeholders, and loyal members to prevail upon Ikpeazu to zone the governorship seat to Abia North, which, he argued, is the rightful location.

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