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Buhari’s Planned Imo Visit, Huge Mockery On Residents – APGA

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The Imo State chapter of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), has slammed President Muhammadu Buhari, describing his scheduled visit to the state as a huge mockery on the people of the state.

APGA maintained that for the majority of Ndi Imo to see a meaning in the Presidential working visit, Buhari must be taken to the Federal Medical Center, FMC, Owerri, mortuary department and to see for himself, the dead bodies of innocent Imo youths killed by UNKNOWN UNIFORMed MEN (UUM).

A statement signed by John Iwuala, the APGA Chairman in Imo said the party wants to know what the President’s visit intends to achieve before it makes a statement.

APGA said it expects the President to condemn the killing of Imo youths which looks like ‘a youthful ethnic extermination’.

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‘We expect Mr President to condole with the families of these young youths that were extrajudicially murdered in their prime age’.

The opposition party said ‘Just this morning, over the radio we learnt that the President is coming to commission traffic lights, streetlights, re-painted Wethedral and Okigwe roads, Egbu-Chukwuma Nwoha road, relief market road, though it has been commissioned twice, no problem.

‘We also gathered that Mr President is to commission the flood control system as the Governor claimed to have taken care of the flood in Owerri, while Ndi Imo are opting for canoe transportation due to heavy floods after rains. Even the former APC Governor said the rains in Imo State are acidic rains etc.’

APGA said, ‘We expect the President to take responsibility for their killings as well as the killing of police and army officers who lost their lives during the time of heightened insecurity. 

‘The President must apologize to Ndimo for the bad leadership his party, APC has imposed on Ndi Imo right from the former APC Governor of Imo State till this present Governor.’

Imo APGA is telling Mr President to go beyond Wethdral and Okigwe roads, commissioning demolished roundabouts and installation of traffic lights to visiting some LGA headquarters in the state and see for himself that some of them are not different from Sambisa forest.

‘Some LGA headquarters has become a good place for hunting grasscutters and other bush meats. Imo APGA would like you to take a tour to Nekede- Ihiagwa road. You need to see the good works of our Governor,’ the party submitted.


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